3 Ways To Clean Silicone Smoking Pipes

People now have more choices than ever when looking for accessories and vaping products. Smoking pipes come in various forms, shapes, and sizes and are produced from multiple materials. There are many reasons why silicone is replacing other materials as smoking pipes. The durability, quality of smoke, ease of maintenance and cleaning, and appealing style makes it a top choice for smoking enthusiasts. 

There are various products available in online stores that you can gift to someone who is a smoking enthusiast. The ease of cleaning silicone pipe makes it the top gift option for smoke lovers, along with a premium and fun look. If meeting an old buddy from school, surprise them with a flower buddy smoking bundle. For those who don’t like glass, gift them a silicone pipe plus chillum combo.

3 Ways To Clean Silicone Pipes For Smoking

As the pipes made of silicone offer many benefits to the users, it is replacing other tubes in the market. It is easy to maintain them after smoking. Here are three ways to prepare them for the next smoking session.

Using Dishwashing Detergent And Water

The fact is essential works the best for anything and gets desired results. When cleaning silicone pipe, using a mild dishwashing detergent with lukewarm water is an optimal way to get it cleaned quickly. The lather cleanses it, removing any nasty smell or anything sticking to them. After gently rubbing the tube, rinse it with clean water to get that squeaky look on your tube.

Use cotton swabs to clean anything left behind for the perfect finish, and again rinse with clean water. Towel dry it and leave for a while to see the final results.

Using The Dishwasher 

Are you those lazy heads who don’t want to get their hands dirty? For you, this method works the best. What you need to do is clear the Dishwasher and empty it up. Anchor the pipe to those thin shelves like rods used for forks or knives. Next, add a few drops of dishwasher gel and make it move.

After the cleaning, you will find it as clean as new without any residue. You can pat it dry and use it next time without wasting any further time.

The Freezing Method 

This method can work best for removing stubborn resin residue if you have enough time. It takes around 4-5 hours for the entire process to take place. Rinse the tube with water, don’t dry or put it in the freezer for 3-4 hours. The next step is to squeeze it by bending it into different shapes.

As the ice cracks, residue on the pipe falls, too with them. Rinse it with clean water, and all the stubborn resin will be gone for the subsequent smoke sessions. 

What Should You Avoid?

Don’t clean your silicone pipes using isopropyl alcohol and salt for glass chillums or other tubes. The exact size only fits some; similarly, the same cleaning method is only suitable for glass. Isopropyl alcohol can potentially damage silicone and, therefore, is not advisable.

Try not to take it to cleaning shops, as strong chemicals can permanently harm the silicone surface and ruin the pipe.


Smoking using chillums, bongs, and bubbles are common phenomenon these days. The market is also expanding with different smoking accessories to complement your smoking adventure. However, the most challenging part is to keep it clean and hygienic for subsequent use.

These methods mentioned above can help you clean for smooth smoking sessions. You can try them as suggested for the best results. However, avoid anything harsh on the silicones; otherwise, your favorite pipe will get damaged beyond repair.

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