Why You Need to Hire a TBI Attorney in California

Accidents are basically parcel and part of life. However, if you slip and fall on another person’s property and get a severe brain injury, you may file a traumatic brain injury (TBI) case.

Usually, brain injuries are complex, devastating, and costly, and their implications in the future are not known. Although some TBI cases are very apparent to victims, others develop over time and are more complicated.

So if you are dealing with brain injuries, the right step is to hire the best California traumatic brain injury (TBI) attorney for the following reasons:

1.     Maximum Compensation

If another person contributed or caused your traumatic brain injury, you might list out a lot of damages related to your injury.

There are different kinds of damages, which can be compensable. Fortunately, a TBI attorney is familiar with all of them and explores each of them to get maximum compensation.

For instance, you can get compensated for speech therapies associated with your traumatic brain injuries and recover transportation expenses.

2.     Difficult to Prove Damages and Liability

Among the common causes of TBI include motor vehicle collisions, falls, and sporting accidents. Based on the situations, proving damages and liability in either of these scenarios might be difficult.

Plus, most of the solid evidence can only be obtainable by putting legal pressure. Good examples include surveillance footage and cellphone records.

Proving damages can also be difficult when it comes to brain injury claims because the expenses incurred by victims are substantial. In this case, it will be thoughtful to hire a TBI lawyer who has enough experience to:

  • Handle such issues
  • Negotiate an insurance adjuster

3.     File a Lawsuit

In California, you need to file a TBI case within three years of the day of the incident. This is referred to as the statute of limitations.

Immediately your lawyer agrees to accept the case, ensure you file a lawsuit. When filing a lawsuit, you will need to determine who is the defendant is. For instance, if you got a TBI injury in an auto accident, the car driver will be liable for the injuries.

4.     Build a Strong Case and Gather Evidence

A TBI is life-changing for the affected people and their loved ones who provide care following serious injuries. TBI cases are complex, and you might want a professional brain injury attorney to get compensation and build a strong case.

Indisputable and substantial evidence is important in proving the cause and serious nature of the brain injury. Since you don’t have knowledge in matters involving gathering evidence and building a strong case, hire an attorney to help you. 

Unlike you, they can demonstrate the way your brain injuries took a toll on your health, peace of mind, relationships, career, and personal life, and use those details to present the case in the courtroom.

Final Remarks!

Dealing with the impact of TBI while pleading the case is an emotional and stressful time. Sadly, most insurance firms that take advantage of TBI victims are not represented by denying them a claim or giving unfair settlements.

But the good news is that you are not alone in this battle. Your TBI attorney is with you in this fight to ensure you get a fair settlement.

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