Why is UPDF the Best PDF Editor You Can Find

Did you search the Internet for the best PDF editor and discover UPDF? You’re the luckiest person alive!

The web has many PDF editing software solutions, but almost all the options do not deliver what they promise. If one says it’s free, it likely has ads, watermarks or limits that affect your work.

But UPDF has been designed to solve those problems! Besides being 100% free, it includes many options to help you edit PDF files like an expert.

Keep reading this post and find all the details you want to know about this incredible tool.

  1. Free Image Editing

Among several amazing features, UPDF has a tool that allows you to modify and add photos to PDF files.

You can also add and alter elements with this PDF editing software. If the picture or object is good but it doesn’t fit your document, you can trim, rotate or edit them with UPDF image editing function. You can also flip a PDF image with ease.

This free PDF editor tool is also for you if you don’t like an image and want to replace it with a better one or just need to add more photos, graphics and shapes.

  1. Free PDF Text Editing

Is there a mistake in the text of your PDF file? UPDF allows you to change it in a matter of seconds!

With this PDF editor, created to allow users to change any document’s text attributes, you can modify aspects like style, color, size, font and typeface.

Do you want to make your PDF texts original and personalized? If so, you just have to use UPDF!

  1. Arrange PDF Files Pages

And there’s one more mind-blowing feature: this PDF editing program can also be used to reorganize or order pages in PDF documents.

Let’s say you want to delete, extract, or rotate a page from your PDF file. In this case, you simply have to use UPDF’s rapid arrange feature to get rid of those worthless pages you don’t want to see.

  1. Open and Annotate PDF Files

UPDF has various features for individuals who usually leave comments or add sticky notes to their PDF documents to optimize the reading experience.

If you use UPDF, you can insert shapes, underline words or phrases, strike out text, and any other thing a PDF annotator can do.

UPDF gives you 100% control over the text, graphics, images and pictures in your PDF file, allowing you to personalize it to your liking or create original documents for specific purposes.

  1. Examine PDF Files

Do you want to read before going to sleep? You cannot miss this: UPDF is not only the best PDF editor but a strong reader with a user-friendly design.

In other words, it makes the reading experience more enjoyable for those who like to read their favorite stories at night –yes, it has a night mode for easy, more comfortable reading. 

UPDF’s main advantages include:

  • Is completely free. It is the world’s first desktop PDF editor that allows you to edit both text and images in PDF files.
  • Elegant user interface
  • High speed and performance
  • Offers free solutions to all, as it stands in user’s position and works in every scenario.

Final Thoughts

UPDF is the perfect answer if you have been looking for a feature-rich PDF editor but don’t want to burn your pockets.

Also, it will have many more powerful tools in the near future, including PDF conversion, OCR, sign PDF options, PDF forms, and more!

Do you want to download this free PDF editor? It’s available for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.


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