Why has the National University of Singapore become the first choice for studying in Asia?

In the past year, due to the epidemic, studying abroad in Europe and the United States has become cold, and more and more students have begun to choose Asia to study abroad. As one of the top universities in Asia, National University of Singapore has become the first choice of international students. Why choose the National University of Singapore? The main reasons are as follows.

1. Strong faculty

At the National University of Singapore, many lecturers have first-class academic standards and can publish top journals; at the same time, they are also top experts in the industry with deep industry practice accumulation. The content of the lectures tends to be more practical, and it is possible to master the most cutting-edge theoretical knowledge in the academic world and gain first-hand practical experience.

2. Perfect teaching facilities

The school’s hardware and software facilities are fully equipped, with laboratories, study rooms, libraries, and infrastructure almost all equipped with top-of-the-line facilities. It also has complete engineering laboratory equipment, allowing students to operate various experiments.

3. Leading academic level

Singapore’s national engineering research capabilities are world-leading. In the teaching building of the School of Engineering, you can see the papers published by NUS teachers and students in top journals such as SCIENCE and NATURE.

4. Strong learning atmosphere

Because admissions are very demanding, National University of Singapore has excellent students, and the excellence of peers will naturally give you invisible pressure. All courses must be taken seriously, and students should work hard enough pass the final exams. Chinese students majoring in engineering account for one-third, so the pressure of competition can be imagined.

5. Relatively low language requirements

The National University of Singapore has relatively friendly language requirements for applicants with engineering backgrounds. Take my major as an example, the IELTS requirement is only 6.0, and there is no single requirement. As we all know, IELTS writing and speaking are difficult to get a good score in a short period of time. Students who can’t get a single item of IELTS can really consider Singapore National University.

6. The rankings and honors of National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is the first institution of higher education in Singapore and the top university in Asia and the world. It was founded in 1905. After more than 100 years of development, the National University of Singapore is currently a comprehensive research university with 16 colleges. In the QS 2021 World University Rankings, it ranks 11th in the world, and has consistently ranked first in the QS Asia Ranking for three consecutive years.

All in all, the National University of Singapore is the top 1 university in Asia. So for Asian students, or those who want to study in Asia, NUS is undoubtedly the best choice to study abroad. By studying here, students are not only able to get world-class education, but also obtain internationally recognized certificates and qualifications. Therefore, it is not surprising National University of Singapore become the first choice for studying in Asia.

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