Why Buckeye, AZ is one of the Fastest Growing Cities in the US

Many people have heard of Buckeye, Arizona, but not many are aware that it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. At a rate of 5.86% per year since 2010 and a boom in population growth since 2011, this city is an emerging town at the forefront of modern living. How did this happen? State-of-the-art amenities and excellent educational opportunities likely helped to attract people to Buckeye.

The city prides itself on affordable housing that is better than other metro cities. It also has accessible and convenient roads that help flourish its transport and communication systems. It harbors master-planned communities and has excellent schools making it suitable for families.

These are just some of the reasons why Buckeye is growing at this exponential rate. Nevertheless, the real question is; how good are these facilities to propel such a pace of growth? Worry no more; below is the explanation!

Affordable Housing in Buckeye, AZ

Housing remains one of the basic needs. In retrospect, Buckeye Arizona offers affordable and quality housing facilities for its citizens. According to the US Census Bureau, this city has a density of 232.84 people per square mile, higher than the national average of 63 people per square mile. However, this does not impede for residents to own houses.

The city has various housing options such as single-family homes, multi-family dwellings, recreational vehicles, and mobile homes. In fact, Buckeye offers more than twice the number of multi-family dwellings as the national average, which is an excellent option for families. The city provides low-income housing vouchers to meet their residents’ housing needs further.

Notably, buying a home in Buckeye is 62% cheaper than it is in LA. The overall cost of living index is $68 more affordable in Buckeye than in LA. Furthermore, transportation and homeowning costs are 25% and 67.3% lesser in Arizona. LA is better in utilities, healthcare, and miscellaneous expenses. In housing and affordable homes, Buckeye is the clear winner.

Since 2011, the average home price has gone up drastically. Even better is that new homes for sale in Buckeye are in an excellent location which allows families to walk around and enjoy nature and modern amenities.

When considering housing, it is still cheaper and more affordable to live in Buckeye rather than Austin. For starters, the overall lifestyle is 16.1% cheaper in Buckeye. The median house cost is 40% more reasonable, and housing is down by 30.9% in Buckeye. Therefore, owning or renting a home in Buckeye, Arizona, is more affordable.

Finally, consider the case of New York City. Housing and the cost of utilities are still higher than in Buckeye. It implies that the city is a very affordable place to settle. Therefore, people can live here comfortably and enjoy the amenities. The median house price is still higher than in Buckeye by 1,872.87.

This means that it is still more affordable but not more than the city of Buckeye. New York is still considered a costly metro city to settle. Even if Buckeye is still considered a somewhat rural town, the city has numerous employment opportunities available.

Popular Master Planned Communities

Buckeye is one of the few cities in the US with many master-planned communities that offer affordable and quality living. In fact, this city is home to two of the largest master-planned communities in the state. The two are Verrado and Tartesso. These communities boast large parks, jogging trails, and dog parks for families to enjoy their free time.

Verrado alone features more than 3 acres of parkland and includes ample space for hiking. The town also has many community centers and parks that families can enjoy. This town is said to have a lot of natural beauty, making it the ideal place for couples to settle down.

On the other side, homes for sale in Tartesso offer many modern amenities with gorgeous golf courses, playgrounds, parks, and shopping centers. Buckeye offers many other master-planned communities perfect for families and people who love aesthetics.

Convenient Highway Access

It is no secret that US route 93 highway is one of the main areas that connect Phoenix to Las Vegas and vice versa. However, it may come as a shocker that this same highway runs through Buckeye. In fact, the highway’s eastern terminus is in Buckeye. Buckeye is graced with roads and a good transport system that helps propel its growth and development.

In Buckeye, Arizona, the majority of commuters use cars. There are very few public transportation options available. Furthermore, Buckeye has very few traffic jams due to its efficient transport system, making it convenient for travelers to find their way around without much hassle.

Interstate 10 is one of the three coast-coast highways available in the US. This highway serves the southern part of the US, including California and Arizona. Both Interstate 10 and Loop 303 traverse Buckeye and make it easier for its residents to move from one place to another. Furthermore, the roads reduce traffic, making it easier for commuters.

Education in Buckeye, Arizona

One of the main components that contribute to the high rate of population growth is a great public school system. The city of Buckeye has an excellent educational foundation that helps accelerate its children’s learning and overall development.

The schools are well funded with teachers well-trained to meet students’ needs and demands. The schools in Arizona include The Odyssey Institute for Advanced & International Studies, and other primary and elementary schools fit for children.

Over the past few years, the city has worked very hard to improve its schools. This is evident in the annual increases in graduation rates. The city also features excellent schools for college students. They have highly skilled teachers who help them develop the necessary skills to succeed in college. The surrounding areas feature a variety of high-quality colleges and universities.

White Tank Mountain Regional Park

White Tank Mountain Regional Park is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy. Its surroundings are filled with colors of reds and browns. White Tank Mountain has an abundance of natural beauty to offer.

Many rivers, lakes, and mountains spread across the region, which helps bring peace and tranquility to its residents. This area also features many trails that cater to hikers’ needs and desires.

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