Why are developers leaving companies?

Despite the modern economy, finding and retaining the best developer is problematic for many business sectors. Therefore, it is important for a potential employer to know what will attract a technical specialist and what will he run away from.

Forbes Technology Council has conducted research on the most common reasons for firing developers. Companies facing similar challenges can make a difference. And in this they will be helped by back end development services.

Developers do not see the results of their work

It is important for a smart person to feel in control of the situation and see the fruits of their activities. The greatest demotivation for a developer is not using his functions and products in the work team, as well as completely ignoring his work. Rewarding an employee, on the contrary, motivates him and leads your business to positive results.

Lack of inspiration

A good specialist will leave if he is not enthusiastic or does not see the goal. Inspire him with your vision with a clear vision of purpose and he will never leave your company (assuming decent pay and respect).

There is no understanding of how their work will help your company

A talented developer will definitely enjoy writing codes to solve specific problems. But, if there is no understanding of the relationship between his work and the activities of the company, interest fades away. On the other hand, frequent meetings and the demand for completed documentation take up time for programming. And if a specialist does not have enough time for his immediate duties, he hates his job.

Feeling creatively overwhelmed

Developers are often strangled by rigid frameworks and lack of innovation. Most creative professionals thrive and feel comfortable in open spaces. Therefore, it is extremely important to give the developer a day on which he can freely think, engage in self-development, be distracted and find a non-standard solution to the problem.

Lack of new opportunities due to existing obstacles

Every company is now a software company, regardless of its activities. The manager is aware of the critical nature of developer effectiveness. If new opportunities are not available to developers, they quit. Corporations that “merge” into “one pizza” development teams use simple end-to-end software solutions. It is this desirable customer experience that becomes critical in attracting and retaining talented developers.

Management and compensation problems

An employee does not leave the company, he leaves his manager. Everyone has their own needs, which are variable. The task of managers is to quickly identify these needs and, if possible, satisfy them. When a manager pays enough attention to these issues and actively helps solve a developer’s problems, the chances of keeping him on the team increase. Competitive compensation is also important.

Lack of opportunity to develop

Developers are very interested in personal growth. Inaccessible new technologies, lack of complex projects, often stimulate developers to leave the company. In such situations, the boss will have to find a middle ground for the developer between the technologies of new and old samples, and false and elementary projects.

Do not feel their own worth

A highly skilled worker will leave if he does not feel appreciated and recognized at work. And this feeling is necessary for every specialist in order to give all their best. An effective manager will involve the employee in setting goals, allow him to choose how to solve a particular problem.

They no longer believe in their cause

Software organizations looking to attract and retain the best talent need to focus on automating Lean DevOps. This will enable developers to do their best work every day.

No longer passionate about work

Many developers cite a loss of passion for their work as the main reason for their departure. The reasons for it lie, again, in relations with the leadership. The boss does not recognize the importance of the employee, considers it unnecessary to motivate the specialist. The management of talented developers must be done at the micro level, where the vision must be aligned with the individual functioning.

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