Understanding the Funeral Rule and Your Rights To Buy Caskets Online

Funerals have a lot of emotions surrounding them, which makes it a difficult time to deal with stressful people. Therefore, most grieving families will choose to comply with anything that will help minimize arguments or confrontations. 


However, it is essential to know your rights and understand the funeral rule to ensure you purchase the casket you want without a hitch. A good casket company will let you know your rights regarding buying caskets elsewhere and help you get help if any of those rights are infringed. 


Also, we’ll let you know what is acceptable when it comes to casket buying and what is not so that you can be ready when the time comes.

The Funeral Rule and Your Rights To Buy Caskets Online

  1. All 50 States Allow Online Casket Buying

No state forbids you from buying caskets online. You can purchase your casket from anywhere and arrange its transportation to the funeral home without breaking any laws. The funeral director also has no right to bar you from bringing your coffin.

  1. There are no Restrictions on Delivery

Once you buy your casket online, you should liaise with the funeral home to arrange for delivery time. Doing that is only for smooth transitions and not because of unreasonable restrictions by the funeral home. The funeral home is obliged to use whichever coffin you bring and should not harass you with conditions or force you into using another casket.

  1. Do Not Pay Extra Fees For Supplying the Casket

Buying caskets online should not warrant any discrimination at the funeral home. The funeral law protects you from exploitation from funeral directors who would like to influence where you buy your casket. Do not pay any fees that are not necessary simply because you chose to get a high-quality casket online and not buy from the funeral home.

  1. The Law Prohibits Dishonesty and Misrepresentation

Funeral directors may use the law to force you into submission, but you should not comply until they provide a copy of the law they are referring to in that case. If you sense any dishonesty or misrepresentation, you have the right to sue them. 

Caskets bought online will be as good as any other caskets. Please do not allow the funeral home to tell you about the quality or scare you from buying caskets online with statements that imply it is not ideal.

  1. Confirm Dimensions With Your Funeral Director

As much as funeral homes have no right to refuse a third-party casket, it is crucial to confirm dimensions with the funeral director. That gives you the confidence to buy caskets online and give your loved one a proper sendoff.


The funeral rule protects you from cruel funeral directors who want to take advantage of you when you are vulnerable. Having information on what the law requires helps you know when someone is taking advantage of the situation. With the above information, you can now confidently buy caskets online.

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