Which wig is best for your face shape?

Unice headband wig, as the name suggests, can be a combination of wig and headband that are attached to the front, the hair is sewn on a delicate hair piece cap. This particular wig is very unique compared to other types of wigs. Instead of braiding the front, you used a headband for this particular wig of hair. They are similarly called nun lace wigs or half wigs because they start most of the way from your temples while your regular hair is in front.

It is designed with a delicate headband on the front, custom ties on the back of the hat, and small clips inside the cap to carry your hair. You will wear a Unice headband wig to fit your head size!

Why UniceHeadband Wig?

They are defensive hairstyles.

Wearing a headband hair wig protects your hair and edges, especially for those days when you need a lace frontal/lace closure opportunity. This special wig protects your hairline from damage as it does not use any paste, stitches, or anything that could damage the hair.

Useful and straightforward to work with

If you don’t need to have such great success with a headband hair wig, you may need to cut, dye, and glue your lace wig for a great-looking hairstyle! This is often a simple navy wig that you can easily slide on and the beauty doesn’t help. A lot of people are safe in loneliness, look crazy and that’s why the headband hair wig is coming in the right order! If the headband hair wig is on, don’t prepare too seriously before going to the current zoom meeting or supermarket.

Eunice Ginger Wig is another popular collection and is sought after by a large number of customers. Unisex Ginger Orange Body View Human Hair Full Lace Wig and Body View Closure Human Hair Wig are in high demand in this category due to their special shape, high quality, and reasonable prices.

The long wig is popular with more and more people, because it can be made into many different shapes, and every day you look different, the water wave curl is very beautiful. If you want to spend less money on the highest quality lace wig, then a wavy lace frontal wig should be a good choice.

Bang wigs are becoming more and more popular, it is very different from just cutting the bangs in your hair, it replaces your natural haircut with bangs. Bangs are stylish, give you a new look and cover the wig hairline.

Unis Hair Honey Blond Wig products are very popular among consumers. They are available in different materials and lace designs. The best ones in this category are honey blonde lace frontal wigs, colorful human body wave wigs, and curly lace front human hair wigs.


Once you have successfully identified the shape of your face, you can easily choose your wig. This will make your hair wig more beautiful. Now you can try whatever you want.

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