When should you be wearing hi-vis clothing?

Providing personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory in many industries in the UK. And hi-vis clothing is a part of this. This type of clothing can make you more obvious while working, preventing many accidents. But when should you be wearing it and what types are available? Read on to find out. 

When must hi-vis be worn?

Moving vehicles

One scenario where hi-vis is essential is if your working environment features moving vehicles. Hi-vis clothing is particularly important if some of your workers are operating as marshallers or maintenance workers. This can help drivers spot colleagues and take action to avoid an accident. 

Working at night or in dark environments

Similarly, if your worksite has dark areas or if your workers have to operate at night, hi-vis is essential. When you’re working in a dark environment, it can be easy to miss workers, leading to an accident. Instead, it’s crucial that you boost visibility for everyone’s protection. And hi-vis clothing can help make everyone stand out whether they’re working at night or in a dark area. 

Construction sites

If your employees are working anywhere near construction, or if you’re on a construction site, hi-vis is essential. For a start, this can make other people aware that construction’s going on – enabling them to take care. At the same time, there are many hazards on a construction site: from moving tools to falling debris, it can be a dangerous place. But by ensuring that every worker is clearly marked out with hi-vis clothing, fewer mistakes will be made, and you can lower the risk of accidents. This is particularly effective if it’s combined with comprehensive training for all your staff. By empowering your employees to take care of their safety, you can boost overall safety standards in your business.

Types of hi-vis available

There are different classes of hi-vis clothing available, and you should explore all your options before making a purchase. Class one items are the least conspicuous. These tend to be waistcoats and trousers that provide standard visibility. Class two items are a little more comprehensive and include some jackets. However, for maximum visibility and protection, you should look at class three hi-vis clothing. These tend to be durable coveralls that boost visibility all across the body. To make your choice you should consider what class would be suitable for the job, as well as the weather conditions your employees will be working in. 

Hi-vis clothing can save lives in your business. And by following the guide above, you should be all set to assess your business’s risks and purchase the right hi-vis to keep everyone safe. 

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