What Will an Emergency Dentist Do For You?

The last thing that anyone wants to spend too much time thinking about is an emergency or crisis. Having said that, one of the first things that any family should do upon settling in a new community is to prepare themselves for dealing with dental emergencies that arise.

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The purpose of this article is three-fold: to help you and your family to identify dental issues that should be handled like an emergency; to encourage you to find and learn the number and address of a nearby emergency dentist in Grande Prairie, and to help you to understand how an emergency dental clinic near you will help if any of these unfortunate situations arise. also here are the top reasons to visit an emergency dentist

What is a dental emergency?

  •     See an emergency dentist in Grande Prairie if you have the symptoms of an infection in your mouth: swelling, fever and/or foul discharge into your mouth
  •     Go to an emergency dentist near you if you have a broken tooth.
  •     Unexplained, persistent, and worsening toothaches can indicate gum disease, infections, or an abscessed tooth.
  •     Any sudden onset of a toothache or pain in your mouth.
  •     If you have continuous bleeding gums, especially with any swelling and pain, you need to see an emergency dentist near you.
  •     Some causes of swelling in your mouth and jaw can be extremely serious —infection, swollen lymph nodes, and even cancer. An emergency dentist can determine if your swelling is serious and act quickly if required.
  •     If you have a metallic taste in your mouth, which can mean you have a loose filling or crown that can be a gilded invitation to infection and cavities.
  •     If the colour of any tissues in your mouth — gums, for example — are changing.
  •     If one tooth suddenly becomes much darker than neighbouring teeth.

What will an emergency dentist do?

In an emergency situation, the on-call emergency staff at a dentist near you will have four main priorities Top-Rated Eugene dentist.

Easing pain:

Extreme or persistent pain is one of the most common triggers that drive people to contact an emergency dentist. Relieving you of that pain will be one of the emergency dentist’s first priorities.

Reducing swelling:

Inflammation is an indication that your body is responding to an infection. Oral infections can cause swelling in your mouth, face, neck and throat. In addition to easing your pain, your dentist will treat the infection and seek to reduce the inflammation it is causing.

Eliminating infections:

Treating an infection that is causing that inflammation can be done in a couple of different ways depending on how serious that infection is. An emergency dentist will almost certainly prescribe antibiotics medications, but may also remove infected material from your mouth before it can spread to and affect other tissues in your body. Many people don’t find themselves at an emergency dentist until their oral infection or injury has gotten quite serious. In that case, the dentist has two simultaneous priorities: doing what they can to treat the oral issue and preventing it from becoming so serious as to spread beyond your mouth.

Rescuing teeth:

Suffering a broken or dislodged tooth in a sporting incident or motor vehicle accident, for example, is another reason that many people contact emergency dentists. Depending on the condition of your tooth and how quickly you get to a dentist in Grande Prairie, it may be possible to save your tooth. Your emergency dentist will prioritize saving teeth, when possible, in order to eliminate the need for further and more complex procedures down the road.

Now that you’ve read this, please take the time to look up the number of a local emergency dentistry like Northern Dental Centre and put that number in your phone or on your fridge. And don’t take this the wrong way, but we kinda hope we’ll never hear from you at that number.

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