You work in an office because you need money to survive in the commercial world. But it is not just about the money that draws you to work. You are passionate about what you do. You love the process of working; that is what made you interested in the first place. Maybe you love animation, which led you to become an animator. Perhaps you love art and fashion, and now you are a fashion designer with your very own label. Whatever you do, you must enjoy the process of work.

But, at times, you cannot focus on the actual work because you are being discriminated against at work. The reason for the discrimination may vary, but the outcome is always the same. You feel mad, shameful, disgusted, and annoyed for facing discrimination. You should not take the discrimination lying down. This is the 21st century, and you must fight for your rights. But fighting for one’s rights does not mean one can be disrespectful of the institution itself. There are things you should do, and then there are things you definitely should not do. Continue reading to learn more about the issue at hand.

Do Not Shout: When you are discriminated against at the workplace, it is easier to feel enraged. At times, you may want to shout at the top of your voice and let the world know that you are hurt. But you are all grown up now; you are not in kindergarten anymore. Therefore, the first rule of growing up: keep yourself calm and composed. You may feel that you are being discriminated against or insulted at times. But until and unless you reflect on the situation and talk to other colleagues about it, you will not be sure.

  • You can verbally express that you do not wish to be discriminated against without raising your voice. When you shout, it makes you seem unprofessional. People do not side with someone who appears to be crazy.
  • When someone touches you inappropriately, you can step back and let them know what they did was unacceptable. You will definitely report the incident to HR, but do not make a scene in the office. Let your actions speak louder than your voice.

Do Not Blame Without Evidence: You want to blame someone for their actions. You intend to call out the big guy. But before you make a move, do you have any evidence? Without evidence, it is your word vs. his words. Where would that lead you? If you are an inexperienced young woman putting the blame on one of the firm’s managers, it puts you in a very awkward position. You may even lose your job if your claims are not backed up by evidence. Therefore, before you take the role of whistleblower, be sure to protect yourself. Learn more about SEC Whistleblowers regulation and protection laws to get yourself safeguarded. You should always raise your voice against the people who unjustly treat you. But, make sure you are smart about your every move.

  • Talk to other colleagues and gather legal evidence.
  • Your courage will save others from facing the same discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
  • Produce the evidence to the HR or higher authority and demand fast action.

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