What Is The AWS Solution Architect Certification, And What Is It For?

There’s a new certification on the horizon, and it’s not just for the cloud. The AWS Solution Architect Associate (SA) course is being launched to help people understand how to use AWS in their day-to-day lives. With this new certification out of the way, you might find it easier to get your head around all that AWS has to offer next time you decide to jump ship.

What is the AWS Solution Architect Certification, and what is it for?

The AWS Solution Architect Certification is a certification offered by Amazon Web Services. The certification is designed to validate an individual’s skills and knowledge of the AWS platform. Those who pass the certification are able to design, deploy, operate, and manage cloud-based applications using Amazon Web Services.

Introduction to Solution Architect

If you are looking to have a career in Cloud Computing, then you will need to be proficient in the AWS Solution Architect Certification. Created by Amazon in early 2014, the AWS Solution Architect Certification is designed to certify individuals who have mastery of using AWS and understand how it can be applied in a solution architecture context. 

The certification consists of three exams: The Fundamentals of AWS Solutions Architecture (AWSSA), Building and Managing Multi-Cloud Solutions with AWS (BCMS) and Understanding and Managing AWS Security Policies (UAMS). Passing all three exams will certify you as an AWS Solution Architect.

While the certification may appear daunting at first, if you have a good knowledge of Cloud Computing, you will be able to pass all three exams with relative ease. The exam content is comprehensive, but it is broken down into manageable chunks that are easy to understand. In addition, the exam objectives are clearly marked on the exam questions, so you will not have any trouble understanding what is required from you to answer a question correctly.

If you are interested in pursuing the AWS Solution Architect Certification, then be sure to check out the resources provided on this website. We provide overviews of each exam topic as

Highlights of the AWS Solution Architect course

The AWS Solution Architect certification is a globally recognized credential that reflects the Level IV competency in the AWS cloud computing platform. The course provides the foundational knowledge and skills needed to design, implement, and manage solutions on the AWS cloud platform.

It is important to note that the certification is not a certification in and of itself. Rather, it signifies that the individual has met the required level of competency in this area. The certification is popular with technology professionals who are looking for a credential that shows their mastery of AWSCloud technology.

Differences between a Solution Architect and an IT Architect

Solution Architects work with clients to design and deliver IT solutions across a wide range of industries. They work as part of a team, often collaborating with business stakeholders, developers, and other architects. A Solution Architect typically has a Master’s degree in Computer Science or another relevant field.

What distinguishes Solution Architects from IT Architects is that the former specializes in designing and delivering IT solutions across multiple industries, while the latter focuses on managing and maintaining IT systems. While both may have experience working with computers, Solution Architects typically have more expertise in designing and delivering IT solutions for businesses of all sizes.

IT Architects are typically responsible for managing and maintaining an organization’s IT infrastructure. They may also be responsible for developing and implementing company-wide information security policies. Solution Architects typically work with clients to design and deliver IT solutions that meet their specific needs.

What is the AWS Solution Architect Certification, and what is it for?

The AWS Solution Architect Certification is an internationally recognized certification that proves that you have the skills and knowledge to design, develop, and maintain complex solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The certification is designed for experienced IT professionals who want to become experts in using AWS.

The certification exam covers a range of AWS topics, including designing, constructing, and managing cloud-based applications; leveraging big data capabilities; and architecting linear scalable architectures. Passing the certification exam also qualifies you to join the AWS solution architect community and connect with like-minded individuals.

If you’re interested in becoming an AWS solution architect, the certification is a great way to achieve success.


The AWS Solution Architect Certification is a certification offered by Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) that is designed to certify individuals in the field of AWS solution architecture. The certification requires candidates to pass a written exam and complete at least 40 hours of hands-on experience with AWS solutions. The certification can help individuals gain the skills and knowledge necessary to design, deploy, and manage AWS solutions effectively.

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