What Is a Memorial Service Online?

Let’s face it: These are unprecedented times to live in. Never before have we had such levels of technology and a pandemic preventing us from being socially close.

In an average year, about 8,000 people die daily in the United States. If meeting together for a memorial service isn’t possible due to the pandemic or another reason, is there another option?

This past year’s events have also got many people asking, “What is a memorial service?” Is it really when people gather together in one place to remember a loved one who has passed?

The answer to these questions may be virtual or online memorial services. What are virtual memorial services and how do they work? Keep reading to find out.

Online Memorial Services: What Are They?

Online memorial services are exactly what they sound like. Through the wonders of the internet and various platforms like Zoom and Skype, memorials take place with loved ones joining from around the world.

They are not recorded memorials to be played back later — although that capability is on offer. Rather, they’re live events where family and friends support each other to remember the deceased. These online memorial services offer these ones a chance to grieve together, even if they’re not able to be physically present.

This is a trend that will likely continue, even when memorial services are open to the free assembly they once were. It allows those who cannot travel to the memorial service due to distance, finances, or other issues to still “attend” and show their support.

Online Memorial Service Etiquette

With a new social paradigm shift, there’s also new etiquette and new spins on how we did things in the past that come along with them.

Virtual or online memorial services are no different. With new traditions and paradigms come new social norms. There are also new ideas on what you can do.

As far as etiquette, there are some important things to remember for everyone involved:

  • Be punctual
  • Do a test run on the platform, testing all your peripherals
  • Be dressed properly and respectfully
  • Keep your camera on, unless something distracting is happening
  • Be present during the event, not distracted or on another device
  • Give a chance for people to connect and talk
  • Take the opportunity to say a kind word to the family
  • Use chat features if you’re confident, but be careful with it

Online Memorial Service Ideas

There are so many good ideas to make the virtual memorial service more impactful and full of meaning. They don’t rely on gimmicks, but on using technology to advance things we already did before.

For example:

  • Create a memorial page for RSVPs and links for attending
  • Get a digital memorial card for your guests to keep
  • Prepare images and slides for display before and after the service
  • Have a guestbook that attendees can “sign” and leave a message in
  • Have a host and co-hosts who aren’t immediate family members to act as your “virtual ushers”

What Is a Memorial Service Online? Now You Know

What is a memorial service? Certainly, we now know that it isn’t mourners localized in one spot and a single time zone. A memorial service is a group of people who are present and focused on remembering and honoring a loved one who has passed.

Online memorial services are here to stay, along with online weddings, baby showers, and more.

Did you learn more about online memorial services than you thought you could? Keep browsing our articles for the latest on social trends, tips, and tricks.

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