What Is a Copper Bathtub? Everything You Need to Know and Buying Guide

As the name suggests, a copper tub is a bathtub made of copper metal. As you think of choosing the best tub for your bathroom, you might wonder why you should consider a copper bathtub? Copper tubs have many benefits.

Copper is an extremely malleable and highly durable metal. What’s more, it retains heat during your bath, which helps reduce the energy costs of your home.

It can also retain 95%  of its original value, making it recyclable and eco-friendly. Find everything you need to know about copper tubs in this guide.

Types of Copper Tubs

Copper tubs come in different designs. Depending on your style, taste, and bathroom needs, you can choose freestanding, clawfoot, Japanese, or soaking copper tubs.

1.   Freestanding Copper Tub

A freestanding copper bathtub provides a classic style in your bathroom. You can choose vintage copper tubs or modern ones.  A modern freestanding copper tub is usually level at the base.

Freestanding copper tubs are unattached and stand alone. This can easily make them the center of attraction in your bathroom.

You can place the tub at the center or close to the walls of your bathroom to showcase its beauty and style.

2.   Clawfoot Copper Tub

A clawfoot copper tub derives its name from the claws of an eagle and it has four legs. Clawfoot tubs are a variant of the freestanding tub. They have an elevated design. This design is associated with glamor, relaxation, and elegance.

3.   Japanese Copper Tub

A Japanese copper tub is designed to fit in smaller spaces. It has a higher water capacity that allows you to soak fully. The Japanese have used this tub for centuries as an indoor extension of their bathing culture.

4.   Soaking Tub

A soaking tub comes in different shapes and sizes and allows you to fully submerge your body in the water. This means your arms and legs will not be exposed. It has more water capacity that covers your entire body, allowing you to soak for long hours.

What are the Styles, Colors, and Shapes of Copper Tubs?

Copper tubs come in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes. Here’s what to expect when choosing a copper tub.


Copper tubs come in various sizes. Depending on your preference and bathroom space you can choose a large or a small copper tub.

Installing a large copper tub can sometimes be exhausting. That’s why professionals can help in the selection and installation of the copper tub you like. They can also answer any questions about copper bathtubs.

Styles, Colors, and Shapes

Antique copper tub style is the inspiration for most copper bathtubs like freestanding copper tubs, clawfoot, and slipper tubs. Depending on your preference, you can choose a style you like.

Freestanding tubs also come in shapes like double slippers, double-ended roll-tops, and hammered copper tubs. Some copper tubs also come in different colors, like antique black copper.


Copper tub materials can either be smooth or hammered. Smooth finishing may show some marks over time, while hammered material can conceal scratches and marks.

How to Choose a Copper Bathtub

Choosing a new fixture for your bathroom can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. An expert can help you choose the best copper bathtub that suits your style, or you can choose one for yourself. Here’s what to consider

●    Thickness

Thickness is an indicator of tub quality. It’s also known as the gauge of the metal.  If the gauge number is low, it means the metal is high quality.  Select copper of 14-16 gauge or lower for high quality.

●    Weight

Copper bathtubs are made of copper material, making them heavy. Check the weight of the tub you want to buy to make the right choice. Consider total weight, which includes water and the user in the tub. This helps you choose a tub that your bathroom floor can support.

●    Heat Retention

High-quality bathtubs retain heat and help save energy. Large copper tubs that retain heat are useful, especially if you plan to soak and often relax for an extended period.

●    Safety

Copper tubs are antibacterial. They have antibacterial properties that make your bath hygienic and safe. Consider tubs that are made of at least 97% copper. Check the metal composition and ensure it has no harmful substances like mercury or lead.

●    Environmentally Friendly

Most copper bathtubs are made using recycled copper, which is good for the environment. Quality tubs will contain upto 97% of copper.

The Cost of Copper Bathtubs

Copper tubs have many benefits, making them more expensive than the usual porcelain ones. It’s a worthy investment though. Having a bathroom with copper tubs means you enjoy these benefits. It also means you pay more depending on the tub’s size, quality, and features. Here is a breakdown of the cost of copper tubs.

  • Small copper tubs $2,500 to $4,500
  • Medium copper tubs $5,000 to $7,000
  • Large size copper tubs $7,500 to 10,000 plus

How to Clean and Maintain Copper Tubs

Whether you have vintage or modern copper tubs and sinks, you need to know how to clean them. Proper maintenance means the copper tubs will serve you well for an extended period.

Remember to rinse and dry well with a clean cloth after every use. Avoid using harsh cleaning products, lemon juice, or vinegar. Instead, use mild soap and regularly clean with a soft cloth.

An occasional waxing will prevent scratches on your tub. Some of the wax you can use are copper wax, furniture, or bee wax. Copper tubs can be waxed once every year to prevent the appearance of unwanted patina.

Key Takeaway

Copper tub types come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. They have lots of benefits, including health benefits. Quality copper soaking tubs provide the best experience and allow you to relax and unwind after a long day in your bathroom.

All the benefits of copper tubs make them more expensive than other tubs in the market. You can choose a copper tub that suits your lifestyle and budget and reap all these benefits.

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