Want to win every card game? Learn all card names and their ranks here

Do you love to learn all the card games? Do you also desire to win all the games? Card games such as poker and rummy are loved by everyone. Most of the people spend their weekends, their festivals by playing card games with their friends and family. Isn’t it exciting?

The game brings our close ones together and helps us to relax in our busy lives. Winning card games is desired by all the players and many people play card games just for the monetary benefits. 

Poker and Rummy are considered to be the card games that get the maximum popularity among all the games. So, let’s discuss the rummy cards names and their orders. In this way, we get to know more about card games.

Card games- Poker and Rummy

There is a deck of 52 cards in the rummy card and one or two jokers are used with them. In each variant of rummy, there is a specific number of cards that were used. Similarly, in poker, there are different numbers of cards used in each variant.

If we tame generally, then 2 decks are used in rummy card games and if we talk about our Indian rummy, there 2 decks are used in 2 players games, and 3 decks are used in 3 or more than players games. In rummy, it depends on the variant of the game as to how many cards or decks can be used. When you play Indian Rummy on Getmega, then you will find all these features in detail and will love playing with your friends and online players.

Generally, if two players are playing rummy, then they will get ten cards each and if three or four people are playing a card game, then each player will get seven cards and if five or six players are playing rummy, then each player will get six cards each.

Card names and their Rank

Rummy cards names of number 10 are considered spot cards. The king, queen, and jack are known as court cards. These court cards can be said 11, 12, 13 as they are equivalent to these numbers but their card denotes K, Q, and J. 

In most games, especially in western games, the card with the number 1 is known as Ace and in our region also it is known as Ace card. In different card games, it seems that tricks are used in these games and aces can be considered as the highest-ranking.

In a rummy card game, especially, it is seen that Ace cards are used both as the highest card as well as the lowest card. For example, you can consider the sequence Q-K-A-2-3.

Now let’s know the rummy card names and their rank.

King – Queen -Jack – Ten – Nine – Eight – Seven – Six -Five – Four – Three – Two – Ace

Here, we have mentioned the rummy card names and their order together but there might be some variation in the ace cards as it can be considered both low and high so you can consider it according to the game.


The joker or wildcard is considered the highest rummy card. Mostly in the standard deck, you will get joker cards or wildcards. There are many ways to use a joker card, you can use it as an option to win the game by replacing it with another card to make the sequence. In a rummy card game, this trick is done by the wild card as it represents the natural card. The main intention of the joker card is to use this card as a trump card, which can be used to win the game but a different variant of games made the rules accordingly to use the joker card.

  • The joker – 15 points.
  • The king – 10 Points
  • The queen – 10 points
  • The jack – 10 points
  • Ace – 15 points
  • 2-10 – 10 points

The rummy card names are consistent but their ranks are not consistent as their ranks and points depend on the type of game which you are playing. There are many games in which the ace card is considered to be the high card but there are some games in which it is considered low carb.

Therefore, it all depends on the variant of the card game.


Now you know about the rummy card names along with their ranks. The joker card information is also given by us in this article. And we hope that you will not face any problem in understanding it. Other than that, if you want to play cards online, then you can prefer the Getmega gaming platform. You will find a variety of games on this popular gaming platform. You can play this game even if you are a beginner or a pro player. Also, you can play games with anyone all around the world. So, you can make your connection by playing games Today, there are many gaming platforms available for playing games online, such as MobilityWare, where you can also play, FreeCell, Klondike, and Blackjack as well. You can use your free time to earn cash rewards by playing the games and entertaining yourself. Hope you find this article insightful. All the best with your gaming experience.

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