Traveling Across The USA During The NFL Season? Here’s What You Can Get Up To During That Time

The NFL season isn’t just a time to place bets and consult with NFL odds left, right, and center. It’s also a time when millions of Americans will be glued to their TV screens or streaming live from their desktops, PCs, or mobile devices just to tune in on the action and support their favorite teams. 

The NFL season is a highly celebrated and anticipated time many Americans celebrate. If you’ll be touring the USA during this time, it would certainly be a great idea to join in on the fun and make the most of your travel experience. Let’s look at some fun ideas that you can try. 

Share A Hashtag

Traveling across the United States means you’ll take dozens of photos and videos, but why not add more? By simply posting a picture of yourself posing as a passionate NFL fan with a hashtag titled #CourtyardSuperBowlContest on Instagram or Twitter, you could earn yourself an epic Super Bowl experience or prize. 

Your picture could go viral with enough attention and shares, and you never know how far it can get you. Plus, it’s a great way to interact with other NFL fans that will surely stand behind you as you share your love and support for the season. 

Find The Best Hangout Spots

No NFL football experience is complete without a cold beer and some delicious food. But while you’re out and about looking for the perfect spot to buy these, make sure you catch the pre-game and post-game at a hangout spot that’s adored by many hometown fans. 

The NFL season is an exciting time for every football fan across the USA; therefore, it doesn’t matter where you’ll be at the time of your travel. Simply find a bar with a stamp of approval from the local hometown fans, and you should be good to go. If you are touring the city at that time, find a bar that sells the best drinks and snacks. While there, be sure to check out the Vegas NFL odds because you could just find yourself celebrating a bet win while enjoying the game with other fans.

Get A TSA PreCheck

If you are part of the crowd of NFL fans who will be showing their support on the road, be sure to apply for a Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck to make your trip to the airport less stressful and hassle-free. With a five-year membership, you can expect to pay $85 to get you through airport security without needing to remove things like your jackpot, bet, liquids, shoes, or laptop. This means getting to your destination sooner. 

Don’t Miss Out On The Tourist Attractions

Touring the US during the NFL season doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience other things that could add to your experience. Exploring and seeing other things will also be the highlight of your time in the States. For instance, if you’ll be in Chicago to catch the Bears game, be sure to visit the Magnificent Mile for entertainment, dining, and endless shopping. Another underrated attraction is Boston’s Newbury Street, that’s only an hour away from Foxborough in Massachusetts, which is the home to the New England Patriots. 

Similar attractions that you should also visit as an NFL supporter are San Francisco’s Pier 39, Denver’s Union Station, and New Orleans Jackson Square. You don’t always have to visit top tourist attractions to have the best experiences, as exploring less popular and more local places can also be great. Like finding NFL lines for your next bet, the time you spend finding and exploring these locations should be minimal and effortless.  

Consider Airbnb

Traveling during the NFL season means you’ll hardly be indoors, so why not consider more affordable accommodation so you can spend your money on outdoor experiences? To do this, consider Airbnb accommodation as it’s much more affordable than staying at a hotel. With the chunk of money you’ll be saving, consider investing it in finding a better stadium seat, getting additional snacks from concession stands, or anything else you might want while visiting an NFL city. 

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