Top Unforgettable Songs by The Weeknd

On the music streaming service Spotify, The Weeknd has firmly established himself as one of the most popular artists to listen to, and Spotify is proof of that but also quickly sold the Weeknd VIP tickets. He is the author of a song that holds the record for the number of times it has been played in the music industry. 

His approach which fuses sounds from R&B with those of other genres such as pop has managed to win over millions of fans as well as critics. 

His appearance, vocal technique, and songs have won him legions of followers, and his recordings have been reproduced millions of times. 

We are all familiar with his classics such as Can’t feel my face and Blinding lights, though which other ones can be found on the list of top unforgettable ones?

Wicked Games

Before he achieved widespread fame and success, The Weeknd kicked off his career by releasing the song Wicked Games. It was in 2012 as a part of the collection that was titled Trilogy and included improved versions of his first three free mixtapes that had been distributed in 2011.

Not only did he create the song, but he also played every instrument on it, thereby illuminating for us both his original concept and the events that were to follow.

Can’t Feel My Face

One of the most significant pieces of music which was released in 2015 and produced by Max Martin has a really danceable atmosphere. It compares themes such as love for a woman with an addiction to drugs and is a track that is stylistically very similar to the traditional pop music of musicians such as Michael Jackson.

In Your Eyes

Another wonderful piece by The Weeknd is this song which reveals a more sensitive side of The Weeknd as he sings of the emotions he experiences with his partner. This track is fantastic with a great saxophone solo by Wojtek Goral and synths with an eighties flavor.

Blinding Lights

This is a favorite song of many people, and perhaps yours too! The great usage of drums gives this composition a feel similar to that of the 1980s electro pop when it was at its peak, which is really beautiful and polished.

Star Boy

The Weeknd and Daft Punk collaborated for the first time on Starboy, a song that was taken directly from an album with the same name as the single. It comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that this was one of the French duo’s final productions.

The musician went from being a well-known character in Canada to becoming one of the most influential musical references in the world, and the lyrics talk about his meteoric rise to fame and success.

In addition to this, we can’t ignore the lovely touch of electronic voices that Daft Punk incorporated into the production. 

I Feel It Coming

A second meeting between The Weeknd and Daft Punk, this time on Starboy. A track that is reminiscent of the pop and dance music that was popular in the 1980s. Additionally, you can’t omit the line that talks about desiring something more substantial than simply any connection.

This song takes the listener on an exciting journey that blends love and the night. 

The Birds Pt. 1

The song will basically warn you not to fall in love with The Weeknd. It was initially released on his second mixtape titled Tuesday and then it was included in the compilation title Trilogy.

The Hills

A piece from 2015, but still on our playlists! This song is sharing the story of the protagonist who is involved in a sexual affair that simply doesn’t end up.

The Weeknd expresses to a woman how significant she is in his life through the lyrics of this song. Also, he brings up the fact that he feels guilty about the relationship that the two of them share.

The Bottom Line

When listened to, the combination of harmony, beats and Abel Tesfaye’s Voice creates a distinctive quality that when experienced elicits feelings of melancholy as well as profound introspection.

He exudes an exciting and seductive vibe in which he crafts a personal ambiance mostly brought about by the whispers and the synths that permeate the tracks.

Additionally, the Weeknd serves as the background music for recollections of previous events and intense inner conflicts. He has the ideal collection of songs that we can listen to when we are happy, angry with our partner, we are living through heartbreak or we just want to have a relaxing evening with good music and a cup of wine.

Exceptionally skilled artist who, above all else, fosters vital conversations about our social issues. There is certainly not a dearth of grounds for developing a fondness for the Weeknd.

Which song makes you feel all those elicit feelings? 

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