Top Reasons Why You Should Study MBBS in Georgia 2024-25

Georgia is a destination that comes at the top of the list as the best destination to study MBBS abroad. Georgia is the home to several different medical schools, where NMC has approved 22 universities for studying MBBS in Georgia.  

But as a medical aspirant, you must know that choosing the right country and medical school to study medicine abroad is a big decision. There are many different factors to consider for studying medicine, such as the cost of education, quality of education, admission process, VISA approval time, accommodation, exposure, and the overall environment.

If you are looking for high-standard medical education at an affordable cost, MBBS in Georgia is a great option to consider. 

Wait, don’t worry at all! We will tell you why Georgia!

There are many reasons why you should consider the Medical Colleges of Georgia for studying medicine. In actuality, Georgia is an amazingly beautiful country. It has a rich history and culture. The country offers a very high standard of medical education. The cost of living, like food, accommodation, transportation, and the cost of study is also very affordable. Let’s see the average MBBS tuition fees in Georgia.

MBBS Fees In Georgia

MBBS fees in Georgia are more affordable than any private medical school in India and medical universities in Western Countries. The average fee structure for MBBS ranges between 4000 to 8000 USD per year, which is equivalent to 3,21,000 to 6,60,000 INR per year. Here are some of the top medical schools with the average fee structure, which will give you a brief idea about the MBBS course fees.

  • University of Georgia Tbilisi – 4,98,000 INR per year
  • Geomedi Medical University – 4,57,000 INR per year
  • East European University – 4,57,000 INR per year

There are many scholarships or financial aid opportunities available for international students who want to study MBBS from Georgia. It is also a safe and welcoming nation for international students. Moreover, Georgia is an ideal choice for studying MBBS abroad as you get a platform to experience overseas education and international exposure that you can’t get if you study in a private medical school in your home country.

So, let’s dive a little deeper and check out the top 10 reasons you should study MBBS in Georgia –

  • Reliable Country: Georgia has the most reliable quality of medical education, and the expenses are also very low.
  • Government Medical Schools: The country has various government-funded medical schools, and the schools are approved by many international medical bodies like NMC, WHO, FAIMER etc.
  • English Medium Instruction: Medium of instruction is in the English language, making it simple for Indian and other international students to study in Georgian medical Universities.
  • Excellent Climate: Georgia has an excellent framework, and the general climate of the country is delightful for most international students.
  • Low-Cost MBBS: One can complete 6 years of MBBS courses including internships for 15 to 25 lakh INR, though some medical schools charge a little bit higher, but overall MBBS fees are relatively lower than in India.
  • Indian Food & Accommodation: Various medical colleges in the country, almost every Georgian MBBS college offer Indian food and accommodation so that Indian medical students can feel at home. Students also have the option to pick a personal apartment or hostel to live in.
  • Globally Recognized Medical Degree: MBBS in Georgia is approved and recognised by various international medical bodies, like NMC, WHO, FAMIER, UNESCO etc. So the degree is globally recognised. After completing MBBS from Georgia, you can practise anywhere in the world without any issue. If you want to come back to India and practice over there, you can sit for the NeXT screening exam to get the licence to practise as a medical doctor in India, likewise, you can practice in the UK and Australia after clearing PLAB or in the USA clearing USMLE.
  • Top Class Clinical Training: You will have A-list clinical schooling and clinic foundations in Georgia that are open for clinical training for international medical students.
  • Fast Student Support System: First-rated assistance offices are in the country that are guaranteed to the students for any student support needed so that they feel a short way from home.
  • NeXT Coaching: NeXT coaching is given by many top medical schools in Georgia for Indian students who want to practise medicine in India after completing MBBS from Georgia. This is a great advantage for Indian students if they study medicine in this country.

Top Medical Colleges Of Georgia

With a high-quality medical education, clinical training, and career prospects, you can study MBBS in one of the top medical schools in this country. Here are some of the top-rated medical universities in Georgia with annual tuition fees in USD.

  • Akaki Tsereteli University – 4,000 USD
  • Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University – 4,000 USD
  • David Tvildiani Medical University – 8,000 USD
  • European University – 5,500 USD
  • Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University – 6,500 USD
  • New Vision University, Georgia – 7,000 USD
  • University of Georgia Tbilisi – 6,000 USD
  • Geomedi Medical University – 5,500 USD

Georgia also provides international students with ample exposure to multicultural social and economic conditions. Studying MBBS in Georgia will certainly offer you a significant ROI.

Global Acceptance

MBBS in Georgia has global acceptance, as discussed before, you can practise anywhere in the world after completion of MBBS from any of the NMC and WHO-approved medical schools. Also, Georgian hospitals have excellent infrastructure and technology that help international students learn advanced clinical skills.

Wrapping Up

Let us close by saying that studying MBBS in Georgia is certainly worth every penny as you see hundreds of thousands of students from all around the world moving there and studying medicine in different medical schools. If you are planning to study medicine abroad, then definitely Georgia can be your dream destination to pursue an MBBS. Being a budget-friendly country with a good passing ratio, Georgia is all the best for studying MBBS Abroad.

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