Top 10 Technology Startups Making Waves in 2022

The future’s just around the corner—and its pioneers are the many exciting new technology startups that are popping up everywhere. 

Venture investors around the world have been investing billions in early-stage tech startups, hoping to turn a profit on the Next Big Thing. The world is changing quickly, with pandemics and whispers of war threatening to reshuffle the technological and geopolitical landscape. 

Previewing the future is never an easy thing. But let’s do our best to take a look at the world to come with this list of the most promising technology startups in 2022. 

1. MoonPay

MoonPay is one of the more promising technology startups in recent years. 

Founded in 2018 in Miami, MoonPay has developed a one-stop cryptocurrency trading platform. It forms a tight, integrated system, where customers can purchase different types of crypto. They can also tie in with various crypto exchanges, wallets, NFT markets, and DeFi (decentralized finance) platforms. 

The growing interest in cryptocurrencies has run up against the problems of localizing all the technology in easy-to-use apps. MoonPay hopes to change that. Its $555 million seed rounds, and now its $3.4 billion valuation, suggest the company is on the right track. 

2. QuEra Computing

Quantum computing is an exciting new technology that has attracted the interest of many early-stage startups and venture investors. 

The problem, however, is to bridge the almost insuperable divide between the embryonic tech and its practical applications. A cadre of brainy computer scientists are tackling the issue, and QuEra Computing is the fruit of this effort. 

Affiliated scientists out of MIT and Harvard have developed a laser-based quantum system to make quantum computing a reality. The company’s 256-qubit computer seems poised to outperform classical computing technology, and QuEra Computing has even received a research grant from DARPA. 

3. CaaMTech

CaaMTech was founded in Seattle in 2019. 

The company is one of a number of young startups that are seeking to develop novel drugs and therapeutics based on psychedelic compounds. CaaMTech is attempting to spin off new medications from tryptamine compounds, which are similar to the active chemicals in psilocybin and LSD. 

There’s a real potential here to develop novel drugs to treat problems like depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. And this creates opportunities for other professions, from the trademark lawyer to the venture capitalist. So far, CaaMTech has shown great promise, and secured funding from the venture funds outfit Noetic. 

4. Landing AI

The weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the global supply chain have been glaring in recent years. 

Many promising new technology startups have appeared with interesting ideas about how to fix the problem. One of these young startups is Landing AI, founded by Andrew Ng, a co-founder of Google Brain and former chief scientist at Baidu. 

Landing AI develops artificial intelligence and other technology to monitor and detect potential breakdowns in supply lines and infrastructure. The idea is to streamline and foolproof factory automation using AI and computer vision technologies. So far, Landing AI has secured funding from both Samsung and Intel. 

5. Prime Medicine

The future is rapidly approaching—whether we like it or not. 

And this means we have to confront developments that are at once exciting and terrifying. One of these new technologies is gene editing, which will change not just our lives and how we live them but could alter our biology itself. 

Among the early-stage startups hoping to develop this technology is Prime Medicine. It’s created a novel gene-splicing tech that acts as a word processor for genes. Most promising is the tech’s “search-and-replace” feature, which would allow it to find and replace the genetic sources of disease. 

Google Ventures has invested heavily in the startup, leading a staggering $315 million funding round for the company. 

6. Mythical Games

Along with cryptocurrency, blockchain tech is all the rage in the early 2020s. And the use of blockchain tech is now extending even into the profitable entertainment industry. 

This is where Mythical Games enters the picture. The company is developing blockchain-based games. The idea is to use blockchain tech to improve the experience and availability of games, as well as improve their quality. 

7. Eyeware Tech

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that promises to change the way we see the world. 

It’s a lot like Virtual Reality (VR), but it uses computer interfaces and visual tracking technology to overlay reality with a kind of everyday head’s up display. Eyeware Tech is hoping to facilitate this process with its tracking and recognition tech. 

The company’s 3D eye-tracking technology uses cameras to follow a user’s gaze to quantify things like motive, interest, attention, etc. This tech, in turn, will be enrolled in security and consumer technology. It’s innovative tech, to be sure—and another tool in the surveillance state’s rapidly expanding kit. 

8. Integrated Roadways

Integrated Roadways was founded in 2012 in Kansas City, MO. 

This intriguing startup is pioneering the infrastructure technology for the impending Internet of Things (IoT). It’s developed something called “Smart Pavement.” As cars pass over this Smart Pavement, they connect with the internet to receive traffic, weather, and accident updates. 

And that’s just the start. Future iterations will produce power, supplying it wirelessly to cars, or using it to melt snow and ice (goodbye road salt). Plus, Smart Pavements will be able to sense and register the speed and congestion of traffic. This will be an invaluable tool for managing traffic in big cities. 

Integrated Roadways is developing the future of our infrastructure. In fact, CDOT has already contracted with the company to experiment with its tech in Denver intersections. 

9. Serve Robotics

Serve Robotics is a California-based tech startup that was founded in 2017. 

The development of this company was somewhat convoluted. It uses robotics technology developed by Postmates, which was then acquired by Uber, which then created Serve Robotics. 

In any case, Serve Robotics develops small courier robots. These smart bots use AI and machine learning software to autonomously navigate sidewalks and even crosswalks to deliver goods. The company’s robots promise to change the way food is delivered. 

10. xFarm

Our final tech startup is one that is focusing on safe and sustainable agriculture. 

xFarm is an IoT company that seeks to integrate crop-growing into a larger, internet-fueled agricultural infrastructure. xFarm employs sensors in the fields, together with various other data, to collect and analyze information about crop health and growth. Keep an eye on this startup—it’s changing the way we grow our food. 

The Top Technology Startups of 2022

These are some of the most exciting new technology startups that promise to make waves in 2022 and beyond. 

From smart pavements and gene-editing tech, to quantum computers and psychedelic drugs, these are the nascent companies that are pioneering the future. 

We hope you enjoyed this article. While you’re here, please check out the rest of our site to stay up to date with the latest technology and business news. 

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