The junket tour: how to choose the best one?

The word “junket” is a native English word and its original meaning was as a dessert consisting of delicate cream, nuts and sweet curd. Nevertheless, over time, it acquired a second meaning – a tourist trip to another country to visit the famous gambling establishments namely the land-based establishments,but you can always get free bonus no deposit casino uk withhout leaving home. The transformation of the word “junket” means that this train brings together all the best of the world of casinos and travel, but in a unified format. The principle of junket tours is quite simple: you pay the casino a set amount, and it becomes your deposit in the casino, which you can then spend in the institution itself on arrival. The same amount also includes the additional costs of providing the player with a hotel, airfare, food and even transfers to the establishment. Such tours contain a lot of pluses, but before you go on such a trip, you need to know the points on which it is necessary to focus your attention when choosing a suitable option. Today we will talk about this in detail.

The ingredients for choosing the best junket tour

  • Understand how this tour is different from a standard trip to the casino.
There is a difference. First, the casino solves all the issues of organizing the transfer to your destination for you. All of your questions are handled by a personal manager. Secondly, the casino will provide you with a hotel room near the casino, or ideally, directly at the hotel. You won’t have to waste time driving to the casino, just take the elevator downstairs. Third, the junket tour is structured so that you focus on the most important thing – recreation and fun.
  • Decide on the format of the junket tour, according to your desire and budget
Choosing a junket tour can be compared to buying a car. Some people want maximum pleasure from opening the door to shutting the engine, others want a functional vehicle for their tasks. Therefore, there are two basic formats of a junket tour:
  1. Only airfare, transfers to the casino, lodging and restaurant visits within a certain amount per day are included.
  2. You make a deposit and forget everything. Absolutely all services are included. You don’t even have to bring cash from your room – all services are free of charge.
The junket tours are chosen individually based on the guest’s wishes. For example, one of the options of the junket-tour may include two tickets to business class, transfer to the Mercedes S-class, a suit-room and an extra standard room. Food, drinks and massage services are all on the house.
  • Understand what additional services you need and ask the casino
The most important thing for a casino is a player’s comfort. Around the comfort is built around the entire service. Every detail is important. There are restaurants with cuisines from all over the world and bars with elite alcohol at the casino. Particular attention is paid to hotel rooms. Each of the rooms are of world standards and are created under the guidance of professionals in the hotel business. Some rooms are so luxurious that they can easily compete with royal chambers. For example, the room may have a hand-painted dome, and a huge terrace overlooking the city, which will satisfy even the highest expectations.
  • Check with the casino for the non-gaming portion of the tour
A junket tour is primarily a guided tour. If desired, the casino will organize a personalized vacation program. It’s enough to tell about your preferences to the concierge service, and you can choose from several options for entertainment: for one, a group of friends or the whole family. Want to see the city? Playing golf or stay in the room play crazy star casino bonus uk? Book a table in the best restaurant in town? It’s all possible with the right choices.
  • Explore the terms and conditions of a junket tour
A customer of a junket tour must meet one simple condition – play in the casino for at least a certain amount of time within a set range of bets. The time spent in the casino in a junket tour format varies from 3 to 4 hours per day. The game is more enjoyable in the evening. The day can be devoted to a tourist program or solving business issues. The range of rates depends on the cost of the junket tour and the game you choose. The more expensive the junket tour, the higher the minimum bets. For example, if you choose the most expensive tour, the blinds in blackjack can reach $500, and the minimum bet per spin of roulette is $1,000.
  • If you want your privacy, you must take care of it well in advance.
The casino carefully monitors the safety of personal data. All communication between you and your personal manager is strictly confidential. In addition, for a comfortable game in all casinos there are VIP-halls, guaranteeing complete privacy. The main feature of such halls is the opportunity to enjoy the full range of casino services without attracting additional attention. For example, some casinos make a separate entrance for particularly important guests. All the way from the room or underground parking lot to the gaming table is invisible to others.


A junket tour is a new and surprising innovation in the world of casinos, because in this way players can visit countries they’ve been dreaming about for a long time and additionally enjoy their favorite games. Plus, it saves them time and budget. What could be better?

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