The Brief Guide That Makes Improving Your Reading Speed Easy

You won’t get a ticket for speeding while reading. The average reading speed is around 250 words per minute

This may sound like a high speed. But when you have to read a lengthy research paper, 250 words per minute is rather slow. You should try improving your reading speed. 

What are some techniques for quick yet accurate reading? What sort of space should you read books in? What should you not do when you are trying to read? 

Answer these questions and you can breeze through difficult books in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Point at the Words

Many children learn about accurate reading by swiping their fingers underneath the lines they read. This lets them learn about each word and understand how sentences are structured. 

Yet this is also a good way to become a speed reader. If you move your finger quickly, you can finish a page of text in little time. 

If you don’t like using your finger, you can use a pen instead. You can also hold a card under each line and then draw it down after you are done with a line.

Scan Paragraphs

Scanning is what many college students do when they are reading literature. A smart student may move their eyes down the center of the page. They identify critical words as they move and underline them. 

The key is to scanning is to use your peripheral vision. Hold your book close to you so you see words in the corners of your eyes. Feel free to take notes in the margins as you go along.

Read in a Comfortable Space

It is impossible to do quick or accurate reading when you are uncomfortable. Find a quiet space where you can read in privacy.

Try sitting in a comfortable chair that supports your back and neck. Twisting or craning your neck so you can see the page will distract you over time. 

Stop Reading Words in Your Head

Subvocalization is the inner monologue you create as you read. Subvocalization is a good thing to do if you are learning how to read. 

But once you’ve mastered basic reading skills, you should stop doing it. You will only read as fast as your internal speaking voice. 

Look at the words in front of you without speaking them inside your head. If there are books you find yourself subvocalizing, you should consider donating books and finding new ones.

Improve Your Reading Speed

You can take your reading speed up a notch. Pointing at the words will help you move through sentences. Feel free to use a pen for pointing.

When you have a lot of paragraphs, you can scan across the center of the page. Make sure to circle sentences you think are important for later reference.

Pick a comfortable space to read in, one with a good seat. Avoid subvocalizing so you read words without saying them in your mind. 

You can improve your reading in several other ways. Find more reading skills guides by following our coverage.

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