The Benefits of Using Essential Oils, Herbal Essential Oils and How it Facilitates Healthy Aging

Essential oils are those liquid oil extracts from different useful plants through an industrial process. This type of oil comes with a highly active ingredient that has a much stronger smell than those plants they were extracted from. There are two known ways manufacturers extract these oils, they include:

•          Water Distillation Process

This process is also called the steaming process; it is a procedure that conveys hot water through the proposed plant and extracts the important compounds from the plant matter. Essential oils also have a way of reducing anxiety and stress by using the right fragrance that is why buying essential oil sets is also a must.

•          Cold Pressing

This mechanical process allows a mechanical passage of the plant matter, causing it to release the oil.

After the active compounds have been extracted from the plant matter, some manufacturers often add a carrier oil to increase the quantity. But it is seen as an adulteration ‘cos it is no longer pure enough to be called essential oil, rather calling it a mixture will be a perfect fit. Some essential oils are mixed with other natural mixtures and themed a “herbal essential oils.” The point is there are many ways you can use this and still maintain its mainstream content.

One can also use the essential oil for many things, so manufacturers create a large catalog of product lines with this oil. The commonest place you can find this is the makeup manufacturing and cosmetics industry.  They use this oil to produce perfumes, add fragrance to creams, anti-aging products, and even use them to manufacture antioxidants. The herbal essential oils version of it is used in the production of organic cosmetic products. Nevertheless, this article focuses on highlighting the benefits of this oil and the role it plays in guaranteeing healthy aging.

Benefits of Essential Oils and Herbal Essential Oils

1.         Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the process of using a particular fragrance in a cosmetic product that affects the body, mood, and general health of the user. The use of essential oil in these products can stimulate the user’s central nervous system and trigger an emotional response. Essential oils also have a way of reducing anxiety and stress by using the right fragrance.

2.         Ingestion

Essential oils are also edible; people on a specific diet orally add the oil to their tea. It can also be used as a supplement, and the herbal essential oils version of it can be applied two or three drops in the mouth daily – a qualified herbalist often recommends this method. We recommend the assistance of a trained herbalist because sometimes, orally ingesting the essential oil can be harmful; it means you are taking in the whole plant material without even knowing it.

3.         Topical Application

This is also recommended for those trying to eliminate wrinkles. The essential oil is very good for the skin, but it is advised that you dilute it before applying. It is recommended that you dilute with carrier oils like jojoba or coconut oil to avoid irritation on the skin. There have been some cases where people put this oil in roll-on containers for easy application.

4.         Anti-aging

Essential oils are used in most anti-aging products; it eliminates wrinkles on the face. Most of the time, these oils are mixed with Lemon, Sandalwood, and Pomegranate extracts, which have very high anti-inflammatory properties that moisturize the skin and restore it to normal.

5.         Kill Fungus and Bacteria

Essential oil is used in the elimination of bacteria, viruses, and fungus. According to research by Amandine Brochot, LaïlaHaddioui, AngèleGuilbot, and Christine Roques, the essential oil has antimicrobial agents that can resist bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

6.         Improve Sleep

Through aromatherapy, people who have problems sleeping can get well. It has been confirmed in a 2015 research by MahnazKeshavarzAfshar that postpartum women who suffer from sleep deprivation can heal themselves through the aromatherapy application of essential oil.


While essential oil comes with a lot of benefits, there are also side effects to it. These sides effects come when it is used wrongly. Again, clary sage can also be mixed with essential oil and used as an anti-aging because of its ability to fight free radicals that damage the skin. The most common is burning and irritation. As we have earlier emphasized in this article, failure to dilute this oil before applying it to the skin might cause irritation or burn. This is why we advise that you apply a little amount to a small portion of your skin to see how it reacts before applying it to the rest of the body. Finally, it is one thing to get an essential oil, it is another to find the right one, which is why we will always recommend you go for Herbal products for your pure, unadulterated essential oil (and herbal essential oils alike).

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