The Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Accounting

Looking for the best return on investment after completing your degree program? Pursuing a career as an accountant might be one of the best ways to invest in your education.

These days, not only is accountancy one of the more in-demand jobs, but working in this type of role provides a wealth of advantages, including job security, the opportunity to work in different industries, and the ability to eventually open your own accounting firm or business .

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accounting careers are projected to grow by 7 percent over the next decade. In short, once qualified, accountancy opens lots of doors across many business sectors. 

But First, Why Pursue an Online Accounting Degree?

Before deciding which type of accountancy role best suits your strengths and interests, you’ll need to complete a degree program in accounting to learn the finer details of the profession. 

No matter if you’re a traditional college-aged student or working adult, obtaining an online accounting degree is ideal for self-motivated people looking to acquire in-demand technical skills more quickly. 

People who choose to pursue an online degree rather than a diploma from a traditional brick-and-mortar college or university find studying online suits their busy lifestyles and offers more flexibility in terms of their learning options. 

Here are some other benefits of pursuing a career as an accountant:

Opportunities for Advancement

Upon graduating with an accounting degree, you’ll likely begin your career as a staff accountant, junior auditor in public accounting, or assistant in the controller’s office, but, over time, will be afforded different opportunities to climb the corporate ladder. In particular, after getting established and gaining experience, career advancement can be achieved through additional education or certifications, like becoming a certified public accountant (CPA).

The Growing Demand for Accountants

Like anything else in life, there’s no guarantee you’ll automatically land a job after earning a degree. However, the growing demand for accountants is worth noting and cannot be overstated. That’s because just about any type of company — spanning across all business and industrial sectors — needs an accountant, or, for larger companies, an entire department working to crunch numbers and keep and interpret financial records. Indeed, you know you’re in an in-demand profession when you’re able to work for just about any company in any type of industry.

Competitive Pay Ranges

For most jobs and professions, the factors in securing a competitive salary tend to be focused on location, experience, and education. Nevertheless, credentialed accountants attract high earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for accountants and auditors in 2020 was $73,560. And with roughly 135,000 openings for new accountants and auditors projected each year, their employability is projected to grow 7 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

There are Plenty of Benefits to Becoming an Accountant

In the long run, entering the professional world of accounting will arm you with unparalleled potential and provide many different and lucrative employment options, allowing you to better understand financial matters in your personal and professional life more accurately. 

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Plus, this career path is a hot commodity right now because of the growing demand for skilled candidates. Accountants have access to lucrative, fast-track positions in finance and many other business sectors. Even if you decide to switch career paths after several years, an accounting skill set is transferable and can be utilized across many different roles; you could even start your own business.

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