Requirements Needed To Create An Online Bank Account

Opening an online bank account is normally a safe and simple process. At the time, the process is quite prompt and stress-free. As a matter of fact, some online banks make the account creation process not so long as it can take about five minutes or less.

For anyone who is thinking of creating an online bank account, here are some of the things to expect.

How To Open A Bank Account Online

Thanks to the fast changes in technology, it has become quite easy to sign up for an online bank account. After deciding on the bank, continue with the online application process by going to the company’s website or in some instances by just using the company mobile app. 

You may wonder “can i open a bank account without ssn?” Most banks put the “apply now” or “open an account” optionsso the user can fill in some important information and complete a few steps to open the account where they can see the different requirements and account types.

Choose The Account Type

To open a free online bank account and choose the type of account. They are usually different options with checking accounts, savings accounts, and money market accounts being the most common.

Once the user has selected the account type, they will be asked to fill in their personal data which will include the following:

  • Social security or tax identification
  • Number address
  • Legal name
  • Date of birth

The user may also be needed to submit some other documents like their valid driver’s license and a bill that has their name and address on it. There are some banks that allow the user to submit their personal information and other documents using their well-secured network system. However, the user may need to fax or email some of their documents to the bank to prove their identity.

Banking With Mybambu App – No Social Security Number Needed To Create An Account

Bambu online banking system is greatly concerned with the welfare of customers including immigrants with no social security number (SSN) who may find it difficult to have a reliable bank they can trust for their online transactions.

Since this is a requirement for some other online banks, myBambu app offers this exceptionality for US and Latin American residents to enjoy normal and secured banking transactions without necessarily fulfilling the SSN requirement. So the next question may be about how to create an online bank account with myBambu or what are their requirements? They also answer your query “can i open a bank account without ssn?”

myBambu account requirements

Opening a bank account with Bambu is pretty easy as the steps are quite simple to follow. All the user needs to do is download the app from the Google play store or apple store and fill in their personal information and then start banking.

Thus, the customer just needs to have is their country or local ID to start banking. The immigration status or SSN is not needed to create a free online bank account with Bambu using the myBambu app or their website which is also well secured.

The process is also simple – the entire registration process will take less than five minutes of a users’ time as the questions are pretty straightforward. Making use of first-class encryption, all customer data are highly classified and well secured.

Enjoy Bonuses

A $10 reward is usually given to customers who create their accounts and start banking. Apart from this welcome reward, Bambu offers through its mobile apps, lots of bonuses for new and existing customers. They also have anti-fraud and the best security measures to make sure all funds and transactions are well secured. Start banking with myBambu app today and enjoy some of these amazing benefits. 

Make The First Deposit

The last step comes with funding the account – in this final step; the user will be required to make an initial deposit. Some banks need a minimum amount the account will be funded with while some banks do not require this option. Generally, funding an online account is quite simple and banks provide users with different funding methods.

Some methods of funding include:

  • Making a deposit using an existing bank account
  • Taking a picture of a check

For online banks with physical buildings, the user can always visit the, to make their cash deposits. Bear in mind that, these funds may take a couple of days to be processed but account owners will still be able to access their accounts or manage them. Always talk to a customer agent should in case of any worry.


Irrespective of how opening a bank account online has become convenient over the years, there is still some jetlag that comes with the process.

For some, the most common problem will be no in-person customer service. Online banks can make up for this by using their 24/7 customer service through the phone and even their online chatbots. 

The online banking system still remains safe and an easy method of banking.

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