iPhone Lovers: Buy These 4 Top Selling Accessories of 2021 on Amazon

When people go mobile shopping they look for more and more features. Smartphones that are smarter than other smartphones are the most in-demand. Being loaded with features and facilities make them attractive. Talking of attractiveness, when something loaded with features loses its weight, it automatically gets attractive, more appealing and everyone desires to have it. The same happens with the box of the new iPhone 13 series. Cashback for Amazon is a thing of beauty as they are the deal-breakers when it comes to iPhones. To find more information about importance of branding, you should try  Amazon review delete for Amazon sales.

The box, unlike previous models, does not contain earphones and a charger. It is just a sleek box having only the phone and the data cable. The company removed the charger and earpods and claims that APPLE aims to become 100% carbon neutral by 2030. Moreover, by removing these items, as they say, it reduces the packaging by 70% and this also allows the company to ship more devices at the same time and cost, do you know how to get free stuff on amazon?

This compels our iPhone users to buy these basic products and some other items too, as accessories to complete their best ever selling electronic product – iPhone and also to add the glam to already glamorous smartphone. Here are the top 4 accessories to buy on Amazon in 2021  for your iPhones –

  1. CHARGER –

 As per the specifications of the battery of your iPhone you can buy chargers from apple on amazon that range from 5v normal chargers going all the way to 12v, 15v, and 18v fast chargers. These chargers being the original apple products are best suited for your iPhones and optimize properly with the battery. They ensure the long life of the battery by utilizing it, to its best.

While you have the option to buy the apple chargers, some other brands like Peiroks, MYVN, and SPIN BOT are tough competition to them. These brands provide you with a decent amount of build quality with the same efficiency as the original chargers. Their pricing starts at INR 500 and goes to a couple of grand.

2. Earpods – 

The original apple earpods are so basic in design whereas the AirPods are so highly priced that it confuses the customers when it comes to buying earphones. But here the field of sound systems and speakers is already mastered by other top-notch brands as APPLE rules the smartphone industry. The names like HARMAN KARDON, JBL, SKULLCANDY, BOSE, ONEPLUS, and BOAT are the most trusted brands and provide value for money deals. The vast ocean of their products makes you choose from wired and basic earphones with superb sound quality all the way to wireless neckbands and earbuds. These offer you the latest features like magnetic control, warp charge, long battery life, and bigger drivers for the ultimate sound experience. Their pricing range is vast starting at INR 500 and may end up at 50 grand even.


When smartphones were generally made from hard plastics, they never needed to be protected. But as the smartphone industry progressed, it thought of beautifying the looks by using glass ceramics and soft plastics. These are not scratch and crack resistant, hence mobile cases came into being. The most primitive cases were simply cutouts made of silicone and nylon that covered the entire phone and also dulled its beauty by obviously providing it some protection during drops from great impacts.

But, as we all know, NEED IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION. So fancy mobile cases were developed. These cases range from soft silicone covers to hard leather cases. Having attractive designs, they can also be custom-built as per your desire. Some carry your photos, and some carry brand names like Ferrari, BMW, and Nike which are designed in collaboration with them.

Causby, Spigen, ESR, and CYRILL lead the market in designing cases for iPhones. Having accurate size and eye-catching designs, they make the best partners for your iPhone. The prices start from INR 99 and go up to thousands.


Iphones, since their evolution, are best known for their cameras. And the modern iPhones have such good cameras that they can even be used to shoot movies. Now when you have to fit such big sensors and wider lenses in a very sleek body design, it gets cumbersome. The new iPhone 12 and 13 series have their cameras popping out of the phone. This exposure causes a threat of scratches and cracks to the lenses.

Hence, camera protectors are the best accessory that protects your cameras without letting anyone notice them. They are made from hard glass-ceramic material that is highly resistant to scratches and cracks. Some are in the form of glittery rings that surround the camera and some are transparent sheets of glass, cut so accurately to fit exactly.

OXXO, RECLUSIVE, ROEWE, and STRENGTH are the best makers of camera lens protectors. These cost mostly between INR 200-500.

ATTENTION READERS! Amazon has announced their Big Billion Sale recently and they are giving huge discounts and cashback. So grab your offer now on best-selling accessories for iPhones in 2021. But before going let us know in the comments section whether this article was useful for you.

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