Interesting Online Casino Games

People are always reading reviews on the best online casinos to pick from. They check out the casino features: bonuses, licensing, payment methods, payout speed, and game variety. All that is good and necessary but let’s be honest, no one would last in a casino site with crap games. Everything else may be great, but a casino isn’t a casino without great and interesting games. With that said, this article’s main focus will be online casino games you will have fun playing, either on your phone or desktop. Of course, make sure you choose the best casino site for them.

Popular Casino Game Types

Most people are familiar with choosing the best casino but aren’t sure which games to bet on. If you are not familiar with casino games, how to play them, and which ones have a higher chance of entertaining you, keep reading this article further.


Slot games bring the most fun when you bet with a higher amount as it means more chances of winning, so you can play even further. Slots are a game of chance that features three or more reels. The reels spin once the game is activated, and you win when a certain pattern appears. Depending on the game theme, they feature great symbols, and the best ones have great visuals.


It is a classic wheel game where a player places a bet, then the wheel spins, and a ball is thrown in the opposite direction and moves as the wheel spins until it lands on one number. Depending on whether it is a European or American style roulette, it will have 37 (one zero) and 38 (double zero) numbers, respectively. It also consists of the colors red and black. Therefore, you can bet on low numbers 1-18 or numbers 19-36. Or you can bet on the color black or red, even or odd numbers or one number.


Blackjack is a card game where you play against the dealer. Here the aim is to have a number that beats the dealer without exceeding 21 points. Each player gets two card games, including the dealer. One of the dealer’s cards faces up; if your cards add up to 21, that is a natural 21 and the dealer has to pay you one and a half worth your bet. This is a mysteriously fun game to play as you constantly have to make the right choices in calculating the chances of the dealer’s cards adding up to a 21.

Video Poker

The same hands used on table poker are used in a video poker game. You are given five cards which you can hold on to or discard one or all of them. The discarded cards are replaced on a random draw. Once that is done, you win a prize if your five cards match the qualifying poker hands.

The Best Casino Games

There are many online casino games to select from, so it may be hard to choose one if you are a first-time player. However, you may find it hard to leave and explore other games once you have chosen one. That is how fun casino games can get. Now that you have an idea of casino game types, we have listed and described some of the most interesting casino games below.

1. European Blackjack

Like the classic blackjack, European blackjack, the dealer also has one card face-up. However, there are no hole cards in this game. But the rewards are calculated in the same manner as blackjack.

2. Craps

This is another nice game on live casinos, where you get to engage with the dealer and other players. It is simple; you place bets on a pair of dice being rolled. There are many other dice games playable in online casinos. Other than craps, you would also enjoy Jhandi Munda by 10CRIC. This is also a simple game, but it differs from caps by the number of dice rolled, which are three.

3. 3-Card poker

Unlike the classic poker game, 3-card poker is played between the player and dealer’s hands. This means you are only playing the dealer, no other players. This can be a fun game to engage in online on live casinos.

4. Baccarat

This card game is played between the ‘banker’ and the player. Here you compare which hand is closest to nine, and the possible outcomes are the ‘banker’ or the player winning and a tie.

5. Pai Gow Poker

This is a mixture of American poker and the Chinese Pai Gow game. You play against the dealer, and seven cards are issued. Try and make the best out of five and two poker hands of the cards given to you.

6.  Keno

Unlike the traditional keno with 1-80 numbers to pick from, online keno only has 2-10 numbers on the card. Once you’ve determined the numbers, the amount it costs differs from one online casino to another.

7. Wheel of Fortune

This is a table game with six symbols. You place a bet on one sign, and the wheel spins. If it stops on your chosen character, you are the winner.

8. Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Also, a poker game is played against the dealer. Five out of seven cards issued to players make up the player’s hand.

9. French Roulette

This game is played the same way as European Roulette; you bet on a single number, a group of numbers, or the colors black or red. Once the wheel spins and the ball rolls, you can cross your fingers and hope the ball lands on your bet.

10. Joker Poker

Joker poker is played like most poker games. However, an extra card called the wild joker increases a player’s chance of having a better hand.


If you are thinking of spending some of your time playing online casino games, the variety and the available number of games should be the least of your worries. Most casinos feature a large number of different games. You will often find that even if a casino specializes in sports games, they still feature thousands of casino games. If you are a new player, you have to figure out the basic rules of these games. You can do that even on the online casino site, as most casinos offer demos for most of their games. Once you are familiar with the game, you can begin placing bets.

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