How weather can affect your render?

Poor weather conditions can affect all of our lives, but they’re also known to affect construction projects. Australia is no stranger to some extreme weather events, and that means that it may impact the work and life of your houses.choose the best house rendering company

We have been doing acrylic and cement rendering in Brisbane for many years now and have gained some experience dealing with these things. This short guide aims to give as much advice as possible to avoid situations where the materials fail.

The ideal temperatures for installing render can change based on the manufacturer’s requirements, but mild heat or temperate conditions are usually the best. This isn’t to say that a heatwave during the warmer season should put a halt to all works, as we know that the daily temperatures can climb well past the 30s in this part of Australia. Renderers need to find ways to continue making their application around the heat or even when the weather is on the colder side. Here’s our advice on the best course of action when the weather isn’t ideal.

1.    Rendering in hot weather

It isn’t a great idea to use rendering materials in the sweltering heat, and what’s more, if it’s a warm day, it’s best not to render in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is typically the cause of the render drying out too fast. Rendering that dries out too fast is the most vulnerable to cracking and damage over time. There may even be a patchy finish. So, when you schedule your next rendering project, consider that heat may affect the application’s durability.

A professional will know exactly what to do to continue to work in sunny weather but prevents issues with the render drying out too fast in direct sunlight. That’s why it’s crucial to find the best house rendering company in Brisbane for the job.

Another way to avoid cracking when the weather conditions for rendering are too hot is for property owners to prevent wetting the walls before application. That means you should avoid hosing down the walls right before your rendering expert arrives to complete the application. However, if you forgot to switch the sprinklers the day before, the installer will have to go extra. This may require purchasing additional materials like water-based primer or otherwise. Using a primer ensures that the substrate in the formula won’t absorb too much water from the render and causing it to crack during the curing process.

2.    Rendering in cold weather

Contrastingly, cold weather means that the render may not dry out fast enough. In this case, the render will retain too much moisture for long periods and become susceptible to damage from this trapped moisture. Renderers may have to use special techniques like applying thin coats of render in colder conditions. It is therefore much more quick-drying than thicker applications. There is also the option of using unique products to speed drying up. If you install silicone or acrylic rendering, the renderer may have to use a rendering accelerator in the colder weather. The technician will mix the correct product into the render formula and apply it as usual. The render will gain faster drying times, reduce cracking and water retention in the winter.

Expert application can be made any time

People have this misconception that it has to be summer to install rendering on their property. Despite what people think, rendering can be done all year round. However, a few factors will still affect whether or not the rendering can be done any time of the year. What’s most important is that the climate is dry, which can be the case at any time of year. The only weather condition where rendering cannot be done is when it is raining, so your technician may have to postpone the application if a sudden storm hits.

The rendering team at Rapid Rendering hasexperience with all types of rendering for many years now, and we can promise the best results. We suggest that you only use licensed technicians for your chosen rendering application because it is part of the scopes of work that require licensing by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Get in touch with us today via 1300 590 526 and get the best rendering services in Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast and South Brisbane.

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