How To Repair A Hydraulic Cylinder

When one of your hydraulic cylinders breaks down, you need it serviced as soon as possible with the highest level of precision. Even though repairing a hydraulic cylinder may look simple, there are a few important points to keep in mind to ensure that the repair is done right the first time.

Make a Few Initial Verifications

To perform repairs, you must first figure out what’s wrong. In light of this, it’s a good idea to do some basic diagnostics to narrow down the source of the problem. Due to its well-engineered design, most hydraulic cylinder issues may be easily rectified. However, if you run into a more complicated issue, you can get in touch with

Here are a few things to examine if you’re having issues with your hydraulic system:

  • Double-check that all hoses are correctly attached and that the couplings are engaged to avoid leaks.
  • The pump has to be checked. The system’s oil level may be too low or too high.
  • Make sure you’re lifting the correct weight. The system may be overloaded.
  • Inspect the seals for any damage.

The Method For Fixing A Hydraulic Cylinder

Identifying the cylinder type you’re dealing with before dismantling it is essential because there are various cylinders for various purposes. On the end cap of the cylinder, there are identification numerals. For safety’s sake, ensure you have a copy of the owner’s manual and any schematics or instructions that came with the cylinder before beginning any repairs.

You’ll need a gland removal tool to disassemble the cylinder. Once the hydraulic hose has been loosened, confirm that there is no pressure in the cylinder. To get to the piston rod, remove the gland from the cylinder and unscrew it with the tool.

Take extra care when removing the piston rod to avoid it falling on the ground or being damaged by other metal machinery since this might have disastrous implications for the component. Unscrew the bolt that links the piston to the rod after the piston rod is loose.

Misconnected parts might have caused the leak and malfunction; therefore, look for them carefully when dismantling the piston and removing all the seals and outer rings. It’s also a good idea to check for symptoms of corrosion or excessive filth and to remove it using sandpaper or even an electric polisher if necessary.

Ensure all of the old seals and O-rings are replaced with new ones during the reassembly of the hydraulic cylinder and its components. Don’t leave any holes in the process by not performing this in the correct sequence.

Before reinstalling the piston, ensure the cylinder is free of scars or damage since this might cause further harm to the piston rod. Cylinder replacement may be necessary if you discover any. To lubricate the inside of the cylinder once you’ve determined no internal marks, reinstall the piston rod.


If you don’t have years of expertise in working with hydraulic cylinders, it might not be easy to learn how to fix them. It is advisable to leave most repairs, such as hone tubes and forging rods, in the hands of trained specialists. Specialists have a thorough understanding of how to identify and fix the problem’s primary source.

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