How to learn to quickly understand the new MMO RPG

The gaming industry is simply overflowing with MMO RPG projects, many of them are masterpieces, some are just passing games that everyone will forget about over time.

Each MMO has its own common features and if you learn to understand them, you can easily win the best places among the strongest players, be the highest lvl and always know how to earn gold.

The main criteria to be considered

  • Main sources of gold mining
  • Pumping method
  • Community

Main sources of gold mining

Gold is a key resource and currency in almost all games, and if you understand the general principles of its mining, then you can regularly earn it in high quality again and again in any new MMO.

  1. Quest system – most MMOs are based on a quest leveling system. This makes it easier for developers to introduce players to the project, explain the basics of the game and the main mechanics, and gradually complicate the gameplay so that the player is always interested and moderately difficult. Quests bring gold and upgrade equipment and weapons to a level where the character is ready to develop independently and understand all the intricacies of the game.


2. Pumping on monsters – some projects are based on the freedom of choice in obtaining levels, and therefore gold. In such games, there is no specific reference to the location and hunting zone. The character himself decides where and how to gain experience, in such projects you need to understand not only monsters, but also local bosses, since they are the ones that give the maximum amount of experience and gold.


3.  Activities and professions as a way to earn gold – Many projects have a system for upgrading professions and various skills that can be developed in parallel with the main skills of the character. It is worth pumping professions from the first minutes of the game – to collect everything that can be collected in the game locations and follow the tasks and tips from the game itself, since the developers always focus on all game mechanics in the process of learning and pumping.

Professions are collective – just pick up everything you can. Explore rocks, watch herbs and plants, study animals.

Crafters – learn how to craft various armor, weapons, jewelry and other available professions and earn gold by making ready-made goods, or by selling consumables to other artisans.

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Pumping method

In MMO projects, there are only two known methods of pumping:

  • Quest
  • Monster hunting

Quest leveling is the most convenient way for developers to tell the story of game continents and at the same time teach the player all game mechanics through the quest system. Starting from the first task, the player will be gradually explained the principles of the interface, the main parameters, skills and ways to monitor the character’s vital signs.

Gradually, the player will be given new weapons and armor, gold and consumables that will help in pumping.

In the future, the number of rewards and quests will decrease, as the main task of game developers is to adapt the player in the universe, and not to prepare him for an easy ride. The player will have to learn the most difficult content and get the best equipment and weapons on their own, and the developers will try to give him maximum knowledge by that time.

Pumping on monsters is a more situational way to develop a character. This does not mean that the developers will not train new players, but the player will have to master the main content on their own much earlier than with the quest system.

The player will be pumped in hunting zones suitable for him in terms of level and gradually develop and receive new equipment and weapons. Equipment often needs to be updated and bought on its own – the player will receive basic equipment and that’s it.

The advantage of pumping on monsters is often the PVP component, and fans of fighting such an MMO will like it. Due to the need to constantly hunt monsters at high online, all players will not physically have enough spots with monsters, so there will be battles between players and even guilds for the most delicious and valuable places.

In the pumping system in game locations, you can often find various bosses that can be hunted in groups – when killing a boss, the player will receive a lot of experience and a valuable reward, but be prepared for difficulties – bosses often have strong defense, a lot of health and strong damage, and also often get wounded retinue.


Learn to interact with the community – other players are often happy to share all the necessary information with newcomers if asked.

Good communication will help you better find groups to hunt, understand the value of each character class, get comfortable with the right equipment and the best places to hunt.

You should not close yourself in a shell and play completely alone – there are single players for this. MMO is a full-fledged social object where the success of the game directly depends on the interaction with other players – do not neglect this and, if possible, find a strong and active guild.

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