How to give your dresser a makeover?

Dressers are timeless pieces of furniture typically found in bedrooms. They frequently include functional drawers that provide lots of storage and may also have a mirror. Although dressers have historically been a practical storage option, most modern wardrobes come with built-in drawers. 

You could start to doubt the need for vanities in light of this. An old dresser would only set you back a few dollars for the accouterments and your undivided attention for a few hours, compared to the thousands of dollars you could spend on a brand-new dresser. You can even makeover a simple IKEA Malm dresser through the methods mentioned below.


You must understand that, regardless of what you choose to do with your furniture, you must polish it if you have chosen to redo it. Doing so will smooth the area and prepare it for the actual change by scraping off any remaining paint, mud, dirt, and so on. However, feel free to stop there if you like how it seems after polishing it.

The dresser will have a handcrafted, rustic vibe to it. You can do it in one of two ways: with a sandpaper machine or just with sandpaper. Renting the first one will cost you money, but it will be utilized much more quickly.


After polishing the cabinet, you can decorate it with bold or soft shades, depending on what looks best in your space. Experts recommend using watercolors rather than spray paint. Your dresser can be a blank canvas on which you can color anything, including flowers, automobiles, and abstract items. It will be unique and reflect your style.


Do you have any tiles lying around your home? Now is the time to use them! Place most of them along the sides of the dresser rather than the doorways because they are rather hefty. Only a few columns of tiles or attractive patterns can be laid down on the dresser. Tiles covering them will make them too heavy and possibly cause damage to the hinges.

How To Do It Yourself A Modern Dresser Revamp?

  • Cut your wood blocks in adequate size for support.
  • Drill a hole somewhat smaller than the leg screw’s diameter.
  • Utilize Torx screws to fasten your support components.
  • Turn your dresser’s legs into the openings while it is on its side.
  • Place a piece of wood underneath the support for the center dresser.

These legs certainly give the dresser a little more character and make it appear much more costly. Determine the finish. Merely stain the front of the original drawers with a fresh mixture made of provincial and worn oak after priming the dresser, painting the top and sides, and priming again. Before adding the drawers to your dresser, measure the center several times from every edge before measuring the distance to the locations of your screw holes.


Have your opinions on the bedroom dresser changed? Do you have a stale dresser occupying your garage or basement? Try one of these cabinet makeovers right away! Make it into a TV stand or a kitchen island, or dress it up for a brand-new appearance. Old dressers have been transformed in so many unique ways. It can be decorated with paint, stain, or varnish. Makeover a simple IKEA malm dresser using the ways mentioned above.

Beyond serving as storage, dressers can play a significant decorative function in your bedroom. Dressers can be used as decorative items to finish the design of your bedroom. This way, you can put them to use again. 

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