How to Find and Hire a Freelance Animator

Videos will make up over 80 percent of total consumer internet traffic by 2022. This figure is a jump of 15 times over the levels we had in 2017, a mere four years ago.

But why is this? Videos, whether animated or live-action, offer something for every type of learner. You can digest the content silently by watching the captions or subtitles, or you can listen without watching. Videos, particularly animations, are also much quicker to produce than ever before.

Are you thinking of adding animated videos to your marketing calendar or team training packages? A freelance animator offers you the flexible solution you need to dip your toes into this blossoming medium.

Keep reading to find out where to hire efficient, talented animators for your business.

Why Hire an Animator for Your Business?

Maybe you’re launching a new product into the market and need to show consumers how it benefits them? Or perhaps you’re expanding your teams and need welcome videos for new WFH staff?

Hiring a 3D or freelance 2D animator is a low-risk way for you to test out how animated content might help your business.

Freelancer fees vary wildly depending on where in the world they’re based or what their level of experience is. You usually pay on an hourly or project-by-project basis.

This means there’s an option for every project budget. And if you don’t like the freelancer’s work after one project, the close of the contract frees you up to quickly find someone else.

Freelancers are also used to working to tight deadlines and one-off projects. They can typically get work turned around quickly, so it’s an excellent option for companies keen to keep costs down or those working on tight marketing schedules.

Best Places to Find Talented Animators

Undeniably, one of the best ways to find an animator is word of mouth, asking around friends and colleagues. But if that’s not an option or your queries aren’t yielding any results, there are many other places to hire that perfect video production partner.

Google Search

If you want to get the best prices, it can help to skip the agencies and go directly to the animators themselves. In this case, you can simply conduct Google searches to find freelance animators’ websites.

Tackle this task efficiently by first narrowing down your list of keywords. This might include the location you want to hire freelancers in and what type or style of animation you’re hoping to produce.

Freelancer Platforms

If you’re looking to hire an animator, an excellent place to start can be on the plethora of freelancer platforms out there today.

Freelancers on these platforms (e.g., UpWork, Fivver, and Freelancer) have to open profiles. You can quickly and easily get a feel for the work they’ve (successfully or unsuccessfully) completed in the past. Clients can rate their work, so you can understand how well they meet deadlines, deliver content to brief, and more.

It’s usually free for both hirers and freelancers to join these platforms, but fees are charged on each transaction. So check the fine print before signing up. Then all you have to do is upload your project with as many details as possible and wait for the bids from animators to roll in.

Portfolio Sites

If a freelance 3D animator is good at what they do, they’ll for sure have a digital portfolio. And it’s most likely going to be on a portfolio site like Behance, Vimeo, Adobe Portfolio, Dribble, and other similar platforms.

As a hirer, you can peruse these sites to find animators that suit your needs. Make use of the filter functions to find animators in the style, language, and location you’re looking for.

Focus on portfolios that have very recent, regularly updated work. Accounts lacking updates might mean the freelancer doesn’t work well with their clients or isn’t active.

Social Media

It’s also possible to find a reputable freelance 3D character animator on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Just as you would on portfolio sites, use the search functions (including hashtags on Instagram) to find the type of animator you’re hoping to work with. Follow the animators you like and reach out to them through private messages to discuss your project requirements.

Animator Hiring Process Explained

Once you’ve decided to bring freelance animators into your marketing strategy, it’s time to consider how you’ll hire.

First, spend some time working out precisely what kind of animated video you need (or want) to produce.

  • What is the purpose of the video?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What style of animation do you prefer?
  • What is the delivery timeline?
  • How many videos do you want to produce?
  • Where will the videos be distributed?
  • What is your budget?

Next, sit down and prepare for interviews with potential candidates.

You’ll need to get together some background information on your company, brand, and product or service. Work with your HR and marketing teams to put together a list of questions. Decide who will complete the interviews.

Now all that’s left is to do is find a selection of animators you might want to work with. Aim to interview between five and ten candidates for the position. Peruse portfolios, ask for demo reels, and don’t be shy to repeat interviews if you can’t decide between candidates.

Finding a Freelance Animator for Your Business

If you need a product marketing video, hiring a freelance animator could be a good move for your company. They work fast, have a range of pricing options available, and are usually time-flexible. Best of all, you can easily change freelancers if your first project doesn’t go well.

For more helpful information on digital art production, browse the other articles on our website.

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