How To Create An Impressive Viking Jewelry Collection That Will Wow Your Guests

If you are a fan of the Vikings and love their jewelry, then you are in for a treat. In this blog post, we are going to show you how to create an impressive collection of Viking jewelry that will wow your guests. You need to determine what type of Viking jewelry you want to collect. Do you want bracelets, necklaces, or both? What about earrings? Once you’ve decided on the type of jewelry you want to collect, it’s time to start shopping!  We will share some tips on how to care for your collection so that it lasts long. 

  1. Start with a beautiful brooch:

Men and women wore brooches in Viking society and served as both functional and decorative items. Common motifs included animals, trees, and flowers. Many of these brooches were large, so don’t be afraid to go big!

  1. Incorporate some amulets:

Vikings believed that certain amulets could protect them from harm. The most popular amulets among Vikings were Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, and the Vegvisir, also known as the Runic Compass. These amulets were often made of silver or bronze and hung from a leather cord or necklace chain.

  1. Add some bracelets to your collection:

Bracelets were another popular type of jewelry among the Vikings. Like brooches, they served both a functional and aesthetic purpose. Many bracelets were made of iron or bronze and featured intricate designs such as Norse knots or dragons.

  1. Complete your look with some rings:

Rings were typically only worn by wealthy Vikings as they were quite expensive to make. However, if you want to add some rings to your collection, there are plenty of replicas available on the market today. When shopping for rings, look for ones made of silver or gold with gemstones set into them. The most popular gemstones among the Vikings were amber and quartz.

  1. Finish it off with a stunning necklace:

No Viking jewelry collection would be complete without a beautiful necklace! Necklaces were often made of precious metals such as gold or silver and featured pendants in the shape of animals, Thor’s hammer, or other Norse symbols.

  1. Put it all together and enjoy your new jewelry:

Now that you’ve got all the pieces for your new Viking jewelry collection, it’s time to put it all together and enjoy your masterpiece! Don’t forget to take care of your new jewelry by storing it in a cool, dry place to prevent tarnishing or damage when you’re not wearing it. 
Wearing your new Viking jewelry is sure to turn heads and start conversations wherever you go! So have fun showing it off and impress everyone with your excellent taste in jewelry.

Final Thoughts:

With a little bit of effort, anyone can put together an impressive collection of Viking jewelry. By shopping from reputable sources and mixing and matching different styles and colors, you can create a truly stunning display that is sure to impress your guests. Creating an impressive Viking jewelry collection is not as difficult as it may seem. By following the tips in this blog post, you’ll be well on your way to impressing all of your guests in no time. 

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