How to Choose the Right Steering Wheel?

One of the most common ways to improve the aesthetic of your vehicle is by installing a custom steering wheel and replacing your old one. But as easy as it sounds, the first step that you need to ponder is choosing the right steering wheel that fits your car.

Different car brands have variations in terms of their main bolt as well as the structure in which the steering wheel is installed. Make sure to consider these factors when purchasing a steering wheel for your vehicle.

Things to Consider When Buying a Steering Wheel

Diameter of the Steering Wheel

Most car owners replace their car steering wheel mainly because of its size. Some standard steering wheels are too small but some are too large for the user. You have a variety of choices when it comes to the diameter of the steering wheel.

In terms of the diameter, you need to ask yourself about your usual driving situations. Do you want more space when you drive? This means that you want a smaller one for your car. But the downside on this is that you will have to put more effort into steering because of its small diameter.

Too large of diameter can also impede your driving control because of the visibility of the road. Do not get a steering wheel that blocks your vision. You should also consider your height when you drive.

A large steering wheel can also slow you down in terms of going out of your car. You need to get the right size so that you can get in and out of your vehicle with little obstruction.

Shape of the Steering Wheel

You have different custom steering wheels available in the market. Some have normal circular shapes but some may have an open-top wheel. The open-top wheel is for those drivers who want full visibility in the windshield. Some vehicle owners who want to have ease in getting out of the car will opt for a flat-bottom steering wheel.

Grip Thickness

The grip of the steering wheel can also vary in thickness. With this aspect, there are a lot of preferences with regard to the driver. Some want a thinner grip while others want a thick and leathery grip.

Again, this is based on your personal preference. To go around with this, you might want to look at steering wheel covers and choose the material that is comfortable for you.

Dish of the Steering Wheel

The dish of the steering wheel is the distance from the mount to the grip of the steering wheel. Why is the dish important? Because this distance can tell if you will be comfortable or not while driving. The dish can prove to be annoying if the steering wheel is too close to the driver. At the same time, you will have a hard time switching the signals and turning on the wipers if your hand is too distant from them.

The problem with the dish can be resolved by using spacers between the mount and the wheel itself.

Bolt Pattern

Some custom steering wheels are undrilled while other performance wheels have 6 drill holes to accommodate more choices in terms of spacers and hubs. Pick the one that best suits your needs


You should not easily decide on the custom steering wheel of your vehicle. Not picking the right one would entail losing money and effort. You do not want to hold off on the installation just because of a poorly chosen product. Consider the steps listed above to make sure that you can install your new steering wheel readily and upgrade your car interior in no time.


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