How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs, Razor Burn, and Bumps with a Head Shaver?

Shaving is no doubt the best way to get rid of unwanted hair; but sometimes it may leave you with patches, irritation, or an inflamed razor, which is known as razor burn. Some people describe it as a bump or ingrown hair. It may occur anywhere you are shaving. If you want to avoid it while using the shaver header, you should know some important things about it. For example, while shaving your legs you should be aware of how to shave legs with a safety razor to avoid burns and cuts. Keep reading this blog to learn about these things.

Definition of Ingrown Hair

Red bumps that always keep turning up after shaving are called ingrown hairs. When hair curls get back to itself as it grows, ingrown hairs may re-enter the skin.

What may Cause Ingrown Hairs?

Anyone can get ingrown hairs. In some cases, it is a one-off or just nature’s way of letting you know that you are meant for Gandalf levels of beardedness. Sometimes, ingrown hairs can be caused by poor shaving and negligence. This is why the prevention of ingrown hair should begin with reconsidering your facial maintenance regime.

How can you Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

Preventing ingrown hairs is not impossible. You may consider a few things to avoid ingrown hairs, such as:

Growing a beard

You can grow a huge beard that can be checked with the help of an efficient trimmer. It may not be the best way for anyone as many people are not comfortable with the idea of growing and nurturing a beard. 

Exfoliating and cleansing before shaving

Exfoliating can be a serious game-changer. It removes your dead skin and turns this dead skin. This dead skin can trap the hairs. Eventually, these hairs can be turned into razor bumps. You can scrub your face lightly with a trusted product that is made specifically for the delicate skin of the face. 

Turning up the heat

You should hold a hot towel on your face before shaving. Also, you can shave bright after getting a shower. Heat will open your pores. This way you can get a close shave avoiding any kind of skin irritation. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to avoid ingrown hairs

Keeping it sharp and clean

When you are using a shaver, you must keep it clean and sharp. If you are using an electric shaver, it must be washed regularly. The requirement of cleaning may depend on the equipment that you are using and the state of your hair- is it steely or grizzled. If you are still using a manual razor, you should replace it or at least its bladers. Also, you may consider using a Remington head shaver. It performs better and stays sharper for a long time. 

Shaving with the grain

Shaving with the grain is not easy. You should not expect all your beard hairs to grow in the same direction. When you are using a blade, you should follow the direction of hair growth. Also, you should try to use as few strokes as possible. If it seems time-consuming to you, you may use head shavers that have rotary blades. You can hire the best barber from Dino’s Barbershop to help you trim and shave your beard.

Bottom Line

Along with the tips mentioned above, you can blend warm water with shaving cream or get. Also, you should avoid close shaves and keep hydrating your face. It is better to use the best brand for shaving to protect your skin from ingrown hairs.


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