How to Answer the Question about Your Weaknesses for Job Interview

Answering a question about your weaknesses for a job interview can be tricky. This is because most interviewees expect positive questions like how they can help the company grow with their strengths and why they think they are the most suitable for the job.

However, there is a better way to frame your weakness and convince the company you will improve. Use your self-awareness and combine it with an action plan to stand out from the other job seekers. When asked about your weaknesses, point out a weakness example list that communicates your strengths. It convinces the interviewer that you can use your weaknesses to know your areas of opportunity. Some of the weaknesses for job interview you can talk about during the interview are;

  1. Being A Perfectionist

Focusing too much on details of a project can be a strength yet a weakness because the employee tends to spend a lot of time on one project. The positive side of your weakness is that you notice minor mistakes, saving the organization from getting into trouble or incurring losses. Ensure you mention how you can improve in this area by saying that you are determined for quality while balancing the other areas.

  1. Challenges With Letting Go Of A Project

Some employees spend a lot of time and effort on beginning a project and find it hard to hand it over to another team for completion. Besides, when they give the project out, the employee will still go through what their partner did to correct the tiny mistakes, making them not meet deadlines. However, the last-minute changes can save the company from minor errors, costing them a lot. Assure the company that while this is your weakness, you aim to set deadlines for the revisions to meet the company’s deadlines and goals.

  1. Not Knowing How To Say No

Being open to helping your colleagues with their workload helps the company move forward faster. However, if you are the type of employee who accepts all the requests to help with projects, you end up asking for an extension of deadlines to finish your work, and you could be the one lagging the company behind. If this is your weakness for a job interview, tell the interviewer that you are setting goals for yourself by first managing your tasks and then helping those around you.

  1. Being Impatient When Projects Don’t Meet The Deadlines

If you get stressed and anxious when deadlines are not met, mention it to the interviewer. The management likes it when employees strive to meet deadlines because it brings the company closer to achieving its goals. Mention that you appreciate it when work is completed on time, but you also like it when your colleagues submit high-quality work.

  1. Lack Of Confidence

Most entry-level employees have this weakness. Lacking confidence makes the employee feel like they are unqualified to speak in front of the other employees or their bosses, yet your ideas could help the team. Besides, being less confident could lock you out of many opportunities. While you portray your humbleness, some confidence level will help you work at an optimal level. Tell the interviewer how you will practice confidence to help you grow more.

  1. Trouble Asking For Help

Some people find it hard to ask other colleagues for help, especially if it is a skill they are not good at or feel burned out to do any remaining work. While it portrays that you are an independent person, a positive quality, getting help is also essential, especially if there are deadlines are to be met. Tell the company why it feels hard for you to ask for help and how you are planning to improve.

  1. Challenges Maintaining A Healthy Work/Life Balance

Employees with a healthy work/life balance are more motivated to work. While mentioning this as your weakness for a job interview portrays how you love spending most of your time at work, which can benefit the company, going on vacations and finding the right balance between work can be helpful to your mental health.

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