Finding Your Dream Home

So you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage loan, and you’re ready to start the search for your dream home! But how do you find your dream home? As with anything, it’s important to go into this task prepared. Finding your dream home is no simple thing, and these tips can help you find the perfect home and let you live your “happily ever after!” 

1. Knowing Your Needs 

Understanding precisely what you’ll need out of your home is the best place to start. Preparing for this comes down to knowing how long you’ll want to be in your home, how many square feet you need to live comfortably, and what amenities you just can’t live without. 

If you plan on starting a family in this home, you’ll need space to expand, and you may want to be located near some schools that you like. If you want a pool, that’s something to keep an eye out for as well! Knowing exactly what you need in a home is going to help you make the best decision possible. 

2. Location, Location, Location 

This one seems cliche, we know, but it’s entirely true! Finding a home that’s close to areas of the city that you want to be near is important. Having grocery stores, community centers, and schools nearby can make all the difference. If you want to be near places that you enjoy, you may end up paying more, as well. It comes down to what you want out of your dream home. Sometimes the area is more important than the house itself Landmark Inspections Melbourne

3. Understand Your Budget 

Buying a house comes with more expenses than just the house itself. If you’re in the market to buy your dream home, it’s crucial to consider all of the costs. You’ll need to have money for home inspections, homeowner’s insurance, a down payment, and closing costs. If you’re looking to buy a fixer-upper, it’s typically best to have the funds available to work on those projects as soon as the house is bought, as well. Living within your means can make a home your dream home, and if you’re not able to afford it, life can become a nightmare. 

4. Make Sure the Home is Inspected 

It’s very tempting to waive home inspections when purchasing a house, especially in the current real estate market. You may want to purchase the home as soon as possible, and forgoing a home inspection

can make that happen. However, if you skip the home inspection, you may miss something that would have stopped you from buying it, like a bad roof or a cracked foundation. Make sure that whatever home you look at, it’s inspected thoroughly. 

5. Pick a Style 

There are plenty of different styles of homes to choose from. Depending on your preferences, you may find that a single-family home doesn’t suit your needs or lifestyle. Maybe a loft in an apartment building is more your speed. Or a condominium fits the bill. Understanding the differences between homes can make all the difference. You can drill this down even further, as well. Single-family homes come in several different variations, like old colonials or ranch styles -the options are endless! 

6. Know the Neighborhood 

If you’re buying a home, your neighbors are bound to become a large part of your life. Knowing the neighborhood and the amenities it provides is essential. Some communities have strict rules set by the homeowners association, while others aren’t very connected. You should know what to expect when you’re moving into your dream home! 

7. Be Willing to Work On It 

Nearly all homes will come with imperfections unless you’re pre-purchasing a home that’s being constructed for you. Even then, there are going to be some flaws associated with the house. It’s important to take these flaws in stride and examine what you’re willing to work on. Some homes are going to have purely cosmetic “flaws.” These are likely due to the previous owner’s choices that you may not enjoy as much as they did. That’s okay, though! Small cosmetic projects are no big deal and can be changed quickly. Keep that in mind when you’re looking at homes sell my Atlanta house fast

8. Make Repairs Quickly 

Let’s say that the home you’ve decided on had some issues that weren’t purely cosmetic. It’s important to get these issues taken care of quickly. Damages to a home that may not have a significant impact to start may snowball into a larger problem. If your dream home is a fixer-upper, make sure you’re willing to get the fixing done quickly; otherwise, your wallet will hurt, and so will your home. 

9. Be Willing to Compromise 

Unless you’re building your home from the foundation up, it’s going to be near impossible to find a house that checks every box on your list. Being willing to compromise on some of the things you want, but don’t need, is important. Things like updated appliances, cabinets, and paint colors can be fixed. If you’re dead set on a pool, and that’s one of your highest priorities, it’s okay not to compromise on that.

Be sure you understand your must-haves and your desirables, and be willing to go without the latter if all of your needs are met. 

Key Takeaways 

Buying a house is a life-changing event. It’s an investment that will affect you for decades to come and is not to be taken lightly. Knowing what you want and what you need in a dream home is crucial, and understanding the importance of staying within your budget is invaluable. If you’re pre-approved for a mortgage, it makes it simpler to understand what fits in your budget and what doesn’t. Just know that finding your dream home may take some time and that continuing to search until you’ve found just the right home is okay, too. No need for rash decisions!

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