Filling and packaging lines

A tailor-made filling line for each type of container

Regardless of whether it is glass bottles, PET containers or cans, whether it is to be filled, labeled or packaged, whether it is water, or soft drinks, in every process step, type of packaging and beverage category Krones offers a tailor-made line solution. The extensive portfolio includes all the necessary machines for the production of beverages: from blow molding machines for PET containers and rinsers for glass bottles and cans to fillers suitable for each type of container and labelers for any standard variant of labeling and equipment, passing through all the facilities for the dry part.

Filling lines for PET containers

By far the most widely used packaging aid for beverages is PET. The reasons for this are obvious: on the one hand, PET containers are light and handy and, on the other, they are very stable and resistant. However, this type of packaging also offers unbeatable advantages in the production of beverages. 

The raw material formed by PET allows it to be produced with great efficiency, which not only has positive effects on production costs, but also affects the sale price of the final product. In addition, PET containers protect delicate goods such as beverages, food, and medicine from oxygen, germs, and other harmful influences.

Filling lines for glass bottles

For alcoholic beverages they are the main type of packaging and for water, soft drinks and juices they highlight the quality character of a brand: this is how glass bottles are.

The properties of the material mean two decisive advantages for its use in the beverage sector: thanks to its good gas barrier, glass containers guarantee that the final product has better levels of hygiene and a longer shelf life. In addition, they serve to stand out visually: various labeling procedures or even direct printing finishes allow numerous design options to attract the attention of consumers.

Selected references for glass

In the Krones Group you will find the appropriate technologies for any application, not only for the entire value chain, but also for the most diverse beverage categories.

Filling lines for cans

Among the most popular and at the same time sustainable primary packaging, there is none above the beverage can. Consumers not only appreciate it for the little space it occupies and for its manageability, but it also shines for its level of sustainability. It manages to impress with its material savings and impresses with its exceptional recyclability.

Selected references for cans

As a system supplier for the beverage industry, Krones also offers the right solutions for cans. Our portfolio includes all machines, from water filling line and pasteurization to labeling and packaging. Krones cover a fairly wide production range: between 10,000 and more than 130,000 cans per hour.

What to consider when selecting a filler?

Before you decide to purchase a bottle filling machine for your business, consider the following aspects:

  • Find out extensively about the characteristics and technical capabilities of the machinery.
  • Make sure it has security systems that prevent accidents during its operation, as well as waste due to malfunctions.
  • Verify that its size is consistent with the space where it will be located.
  • Make sure that the machinery has the necessary certifications and permits for the use that will be given to it.


The bottle filler is the equipment that performs one of the most important phases of the production process: packaging. It is decisive because an error at this stage can be serious and even fatal. From a health point of view, poor packaging can cause product contamination. This would jeopardize its safety and, therefore, it’s quality. From a productivity point of view, a failure in the filling or bottling line could cause significant losses.

Therefore, it is crucial that you have the best equipment for this stage of the production process in your business. At MetalBoss we market and manufacture machinery for the food industry, designed to suit the client.

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