Female trends for fall 2022

Fashion trends continue to reflect the society we live in. Autumn and winter fashion for 2022/2023 build on the optimistic trends that began in 2021 with happy colors, luxurious materials, and ‘more is more’ party garments. Additionally, sustainability is the focus as always.

Next year’s autumn fashion is still affected by the corona pandemic – in various ways. Some tendencies take us to an unknown and dreamy future far away from restrictions, while others remind us that it was in nature that many of us found solace during the darkest times in lockdown. These trends are just as exciting and optimistic as the NFL week 8 odds.

Shining in silver

Silver clothing springs from the Modern Space-age but will become so popular that it deserves to stand on its own as a separate trend. It is the ultimate party trend for the next Christmas and New Year season. Think mini dresses, maxi dresses, skirts, and suits in shiny silver and other metallic colors and materials—the perfect party pieces. However, you don’t only have to go for entire garments or outfits in silver. Black accessories or pieces with sparkling details that create metallic reflections also fall under this tendency.

Mother Earth

Time in nature became important for many during the corona pandemic. The world outside became a place to escape, while at the same time providing peace, inspiration, and security. This tendency will be central next autumn; it will embrace the creative potential the planet has to offer. Stones, sediments, and plants will inspire the trend and result in materials and textures that are three-dimensional and irregular. The central key garments will be good, thick, and chunky knitwear such as cardigans and knitted jumpers, but also comfortable knitted trousers and skirts. Structured trousers, blazers, and, last but not least, statement outer jackets.

The little black one

A black dress is a key piece that comes back again and again and never goes wrong. According to Fashion Network, it will make a comeback again in fall 2022, this time with eye-catching details. It’s not the case that a black dress is synonymous with boring. On the contrary, Look for mini and midi dresses with details such as frills, feathers, and ruffles on the sleeves’ edge, the dress’s hem, and the neckline. The trend is a natural counter-reaction to the more is more dresses from winter 2021, with sequins and bright tones in all the colors of the rainbow.

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