Inflation is vigorously attacking the Eurozone and the United States, where many financial institutions and the market, in general, are facing a recession alert that could last for the second half of the year.

The has many opinions and great options for this controversy because the economic and financial situation does not look very favorable for investments in the Stock Market, which makes many consider sheltering their savings in cryptocurrencies and waiting for the result of this operation.

Not only individuals are considering migrating to the digital financial market even though it is going through one of its critical stages. To some extent, traditional financial institutions and Central Banks are evaluating the possibility of creating their own digital currencies.

It is quite curious and interesting that almost 50% of the world’s net wealth is invested in cryptocurrencies, which surprises many since it has positioned itself firmly and forcefully worldwide with several negative qualifiers.

Dollar and Euro digital

The leading world powers, faced with the resounding movements that cryptocurrencies have developed, have increased their need to regulate or establish control over their transactions.

Regulatory projects in the countries of both continents are beginning to be created, taking as a reference some of the existing ones used by countries that claim to be friendly with cryptocurrencies.

The relaxation of economic measures is not in the most immediate scenario, which is why governments, together with central banks in their constant search for an effective solution to inflation, suggest the creation of what would be the counterpart of cryptocurrencies and their digital currencies.

Something quite incredible since their rejection of these financial instruments has been radical; only some of the countries that have designed their digital currencies are the ones that can weigh what it means to anchor an economy to a digitized economic system.

With the creation of the digital dollar or the digital Euro, depending on the area, the issuance of traditional coins or banknotes would be reduced, contributing to lower inflation and in some way establishing the economy and the financial sector of the countries.

A complex relationship between Bitcoin and the ECB

On several occasions, the European Central Bank has ruled concerning digital currencies, specifically Bitcoin, where it has considered these cryptocurrencies a risk for traditional finances since they lend themselves to operations of dubious origin.

The structure and volatility of Bitcoin are the main aspects that generate the most concern in these entities since they consider them to be financial bubbles.

Central Banks have entered a stage where they find the blockchain platform interesting because of the security it offers, being completely decentralized.

Digitization is a characteristic that has radically changed finances in the world; more and more operations are carried out through various electronic platforms, where traditional daily operations are becoming obsolete.

After much criticism, the European Central Bank is considering the idea of transforming this negative relationship into something positive, where the creation of a digital Euro could transform the economy, reflecting Europe’s progress and integration.

It is not intended to replace traditional currencies but to complement them with a concept of digital currency that would speed up payments, and not only individuals but also companies would benefit.

Central banks should lose their fear of digital currencies where technology plays a significant role beyond the meaning of cryptocurrencies for the financial market.

With the establishment of simple financial systems and through the issuance of digital tokens in a joint effort with the Central Banks, they diversify a system that could be going through a critical phase that cries out for a technological update.


The first thing that we would surely hear about the weaknesses of Bitcoin against traditional currencies is that they are incredibly volatile; this is not a secret for anyone, but, in reality.

There are other aspects to consider that should not be radicalized attenuated and improved with the time of time so that they become strengths in the most timely information is highlighted.

Opinions for or against cryptocurrencies radically change their value; this is an aspect that could be converted; however, we also find that depending on the position held regarding digital currencies, their perception is a refuge of value could vary drastically.

The security of cryptocurrencies is another crucial aspect, aside from the excessive number of comparisons with scams and money laundering as their primary use.


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