Cute White Baby Shower Dresses For a Goddess Shine

A white baby shower dress marks a new start! If you want baby shower dresses, check out these cute white baby shower dresses to give you that fresh glow.

Your baby bump has nearly reached capacity, you’re as excited as can be, and it’s time to party! We would be criminals if we didn’t offer our congratulations. It’s HARD work being pregnant, and you’ve done a remarkable job keeping your lil’ one healthy. Now, it’s time to celebrate this accomplishment — and your journey into motherhood — with all your friends and family. It’s baby shower time! Have you thought about your baby shower outfit? Well, when you’re the star of a party that’s all about new life, a white baby shower dress is the best choice you could make.

Think about it! White traditionally represents purity, fresh starts, and new beginnings. What is a baby shower if not a time to celebrate a new start? You’re literally carrying a new life into this world and starting a new journey as a mother. So, you can imagine why all-white baby shower dresses are so in demand! Plus, a white pregnancy dress makes all mommies look downright elegant. The color flatters all complexions — cool, fair, warm, and dark.

So when it comes to your very special baby shower celebration, do you need another reason to go with a white maternity dress?

Well, if you’re on board with white baby shower dresses (we hope!), you might wonder a few things. Like, where to buy baby shower dresses that flatter your figure? Or, what kind of white baby shower dress brings out your beauty? Do you go in a blue and white baby shower dress? What about long white baby shower dresses? There’s no need to wonder! Our maternity fashion editors created this list of the best baby shower dresses (all white!). With these baby shower dress ideas and expert style tips, you’ll find the perfect white maternity dress for baby shower glory!

Want more options? You’ll find more maternity dresses than you could ever dream of here!

1. Sasha Strapless Maxi Maternity Baby Shower Dress from

Let those shoulders shine! This all-white baby shower dress hails from our favorite maternity boutique, but that’s not why it’s the best. The strapless design, ruched details, and flowing skirt make this maternity shower dress too gorgeous to resist. Oh, did we mention it has pockets, too?

We love these baby shower gowns because they’re timeless in every sense. Thanks to the maxi skirt AND strapless cut, you can wear these cute maternity dresses for baby showers in the summer, winter, fall, or spring! They layer beautifully under cardigans and can stand alone as a maternity sundress.

Next, the design brings out the best shape in every pregnant mother. The fitted bodice and relaxed skirt separate your bust and tummy to define your shape. The dress uses textures to highlight your features — the chest is ruched while the skirt is smooth.

We also adore how the waistline is perfectly placed in the middle to accommodate mothers who are carrying high or low! Whether you’re in your first trimester or third, these cute baby shower dresses can conform to your shape. How? The spandex/rayon blend gives the maternity dress shape and elasticity, no matter what you put it through.

If you need this kind of luxury in your life, you suggest checking out the rest of these maternity dresses for baby shower!

2. SHEIN Maternity Lace Insert Cami Dress

These long white baby shower dresses from SHEIN maternity wear are too cool. Lying somewhere between boho and elegant, these flowy maternity gowns give your steps grace and highlight your form.

The lace design is strategically placed near the bottom of the skirt and the waistline to create symmetry. The high waistline also separates your bust and baby bump for a defined shape — something any white maternity dress for baby showers should do!

3. Sexy Mama Maternity Sleeveless One Shoulder Tie Front Maternity Dress With Side Slits

If a white fitted dress for baby showers is your thing, we can’t recommend this baby shower outfit enough. Styled to the tens, this maternity shower dress features a trendy cut, tie detail, and perfect bodycon fit all in one.

A white maternity dress for baby shower beauties (like yourself) should flaunt your bump, but not your problem areas. Sexy Mama Maternity dresses master this art with their flattering body-conscious fit. The stretch material hugs your curves but not your bulges.

Plus, if there’s one thing we love in a baby shower outfit for moms of modern times, it’s a dress that embodies trends. These cute baby shower dresses stay on point with a current one-shoulder design and sexy thigh slits.

4. Show Me Your Mumu Mia James Midi Dress

Ruffles, V neck, and a complete yes from us! Here is a perfect baby shower outfit for moms who want options. This Show Me Your Mumu dress has all the ingredients for a stunning look.

Options? Yup, this Show Me Your Mumu maternity dress can be elegant, beachy, casual, or upscale — whatever you want! You can style this long white baby shower dress for days. Add heels and fine metal jewelry for a back-tie look or sandals and leather for boho vibes. The choice is yours!

5. Seraphine White Shirred Maternity Maxi Dress

This Seraphine maternity dress makes our list for its empire waistline, puff sleeves, and shirred material. What does all of this mean? It means it will give you a flattering fit, no matter your shape!

Shirred baby shower gowns are the most comfortable and form-fitting because they stretch with your body. Placing the shirred material on the bodice (chest and back) ensures breathability and allows this white baby shower dress to fit busts of all sizes!

The high waistline shapes your form by drawing a line between your bump and bust. Did you also notice the square neckline? This cut contours your collar and pairs perfectly with crew necklaces!

These Seraphine maternity gowns make cute pregnancy dresses for baby showers in spring and summer, thanks to their breezy skirts.

6. Lukalula Maternity Solid White Lace Off Shoulder Dress

Need a white lace dress for baby shower beauty? Here’s your gown. This Lukalula maternity dress offers a trendy look and intricate design that’s hard to resist.

The lace details line the whole skirt, drawing attention to your shoes and adding length to your silhouette. We love how the skirt is asymmetrical to give your movements extra grace and flow.

Let’s talk about the flounce lace top for a second. The shoulder-baring cut really helps contour your upper body for a toned look, while the lace fringe adds a delicate touch. Too pretty!

If you don’t know what to wear to a baby shower, Lukalula is worth checking out! They have pages of white baby shower dresses to fit all mamas.

7. Kimi and Kai Maternity Lyanna Lace Bodycon Bridal Dress

Elegance defined! This white Kimi and Kai maternity dress is fit for royalty. If you need baby shower dress ideas for a formal baby ball, take note.

These stylish baby shower dresses carry an upscale look with their intricate lace design and crew neckline. The midi length and sectional design create the perfect balance in your silhouette.

Though they appear modest, the short length and bodycon fit adds a feminine touch and makes these pregnancy dresses turn heads. We also adore how this maternity dress is segmented with a sash to give you more shape. All you need are those heels (safe and low!), and you have a goddess baby shower look for less than $100!

8. Pink Blush White Swiss Dot Bubble Sleeve Maternity Dress

You can’t just wear any white maternity dress for baby showers! Not when you could wear this pretty Pink Blush maternity dress and stand out from the crowd. Polka dots and sheer white material come together for an adorable, unique look you’ll want to rock every day.

We don’t know what we love most about these stylish baby shower dresses: their short length, their sheer design, or the cute dots. The mini skirt makes these cute white dresses ideal for petite mamas who get swallowed by long gowns. It also lets you show off your fav shoes (wedges and low heels recommended)!

Perhaps, the best feature is the semi-sheer material. The sheer fabric makes these perfect pregnancy dresses for baby showers in the spring and summer because they glow in the sun!

9. ASOS DESIGN Maternity Recycled Gathered Detail Maxi Beach Dress in White

Yesss! White maternity gowns for baby showers on the beach! And for only $35! These long white baby shower dresses outshine the rest with a trendy split skirt and deep V neckline.

Do you know what’s even better? These goddess baby shower dresses are as comfortable as they are stylish! With an elastic waistline and adjustable shoulders, you’ll get a comfy fit regardless of what stage you’re at.

This white maternity dress for baby showers is versatile, too! Make it beachy with sandals and long beads, or go upscale with gold cuffs and heels.

If you need cute maternity dresses for baby showers in the summer, ASOS is your go-to store. They have light, bright, and white baby shower gowns for days.

10.H&M MAMA V-neck Dress

H&M maternity dresses are gaining traction in the industry, and this adorable white baby shower dress tells us why. It’s delicate, understated, and so appropriate for a baby celebration!

The crepe material gives this pregnancy dress a mama-at-home sort of feel, and we love it. The blue floral print opens up accessory opportunities, too — think silver and cool gemstones. The cross-back design makes this maternity dress more stylish than first meets the eye.

You should know that this dress is comfy AF with a solid polyester lining and 100% cotton shell. If you don’t know what to wear to a baby shower in the summer heat, here is your answer. These materials are warm-weather approved and sure to keep you cool.

11. Missguided White Broderie Midi Maternity Smock Dress

Missguided maternity wear is expanding its selection of white maternity dresses, and so far, this is our favorite. Can you miss that collar? The broderie design? This all-white baby shower dress is a fashion-forward choice that can do no wrong.

Some moms are afraid that mid-length dresses make them shorter, but that’s not the case with these stylish baby shower dresses. The tiered design on the skirt draws attention to the length, adding height to your silhouette.

But, the stand-out feature of these maternity dresses is the eyelet collar. These are cute white baby shower dresses for a formal baby bash, although you can dress them down too.

12. Ingrid and Isabel Smocked Empire Waist Maternity Maxi Dress

We love mixed elements! Relaxed and cinched, these cute white dresses for baby showers both hide and define your figure. This is definitely a baby shower outfit for moms with an adventurous fashion taste.

This Ingrid and Isabel maternity dress provides full coverage of your chest and legs, so it’s perfect for mamas with a large bust. These are stylish pregnancy dresses for baby showers with an upscale dress code.

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