Casinos with PayPal payment method in 2022 and what if not PayPal

Depositing and withdrawing casino funds in the shortest possible time, speed and security are the hallmarks of PayPal casinos. In October 2019, however, the situation has changed decisively for PayPal supporters in the gambling market. The payment service provider has announced its withdrawal from the local market. The casino providers had to bow to the default and take the e-wallet from the transfer offer. But beginning in 2021, the PayPal payment method began to gradually reappear in casinos. We hope that there will be more and more proven PayPal casinos every day.

PayPal casinos – the facts

Did the PayPal casino withdrawal come as a surprise? For one or the other player, yes. The blocking was certainly a bit of a shock. However, those who have dealt with PayPal and online casinos in this country in a little more detail will know that the withdrawal has already announced something. The reason for this can be found in the development of the gaming platforms (combined with the non-existing legal security) as well as in the basic business structure of PayPal.

PayPal had once, shortly after the turn of the millennium, rushed into the then unregulated, worldwide online gambling market. The consequence was that the American financial group was condemned to a not inconsiderable fine in its home country. As a result, the internal security and cooperation concept at PayPal was adjusted. It only cooperated with online casinos that were legally secure in the respective regions and adapted to the national legislation.

You now think that there have never been real online casino licenses after all? Right and wrong. In 2011 and 2012 some countries started to issue their own gambling licenses. It was precisely on this basis that PayPal entered into cooperative ventures with gaming providers at the time. After the expiration of some of the gambling licenses, however, the necessary legal security was no longer given to PayPal in many countries. Exactly, for this reason, PayPal out of the Casino business was in a way logical.

Looking ahead, a new gambling treaty is set to come into force in 2022-23. Online casinos will then receive “real” licenses for the first time. The important legal certainty should then also be restored for PayPal. Is the financial services provider returning to the gaming business?

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Best PayPal alternatives

Good advice does not have to be expensive – we have clearly summarized the best PayPal casino alternatives for you. Don’t worry, their money transfers to and from online casinos continue to run completely smoothly and securely.

Hell Spin
  • Over 5,000 games from 35 providers
  • Special new customer bonus for high rollers
  • Strong promotions for regular players
150€ +100 FS


Lucky Dreams
  • Over 2095 games with different themes
  • Up to 100% Euro Bonus
  • Bitcoins accepted
200€ +100FS


Legend Play
  • Top gaming program in all sections
  • Deposits & withdrawals in Euro or crypto
  • Fair payout ratios and limits for everyone


Axe Casino
  • Over 5,000 games from 35 providers
  • Special new customer bonus for high rollers
  • Strong promotions for regular players
200€ +50FS


Loco Win
  • Outstanding Jackpot Offer
  • Slots from Merkur and Novomatic
  • Up to 1.850 Euro welcome package
350€ +100FS


  • All payment methods
  • Over 2,750 games
  • Sports betting on board
200€ +100FS


Palm Slots
  • All payment methods
  • Over 2,750 games
  • Sports betting on board
200€ +100FS

  • Casino and sports betting offers
  • cooperation with numerous game developers
  • changing bonus programs


  • All payment methods
  • Over 2,750 games
  • Sports betting on board
125€ +100 FS


  • Excellent game selection
  • Cooperation with numerous game developers
  • Good welcome package


The best PayPal Casino alternatives payment method presented

Be that as it may, currently there are still many players who have to live without PayPal casinos. So what to do? It is necessary to find a suitable alternative to PayPal casino. Are there enough safe deposit and withdrawal methods for you? The most important question in the PayPal casino test can be answered with an unequivocal “yes” from our point of view. Below we have collected the most relevant methods of funds transfer offered by gaming providers.

MuchBetter: The ewallet via cell phone

According to our online casino experiences, the top alternative for PayPal is MuchBetter. The British financial service provider has succeeded in filling a real gap in the payment market. MuchBetter combines the modules of e-wallets and mobile payment methods. Basically, MuchBetter is comparable to PayPal, i.e. you manage an e-money account and can send and receive money via it. However, unlike PayPal, your account is not assigned via your email address, but via your cell phone number.

Those who want to use MuchBetter at the casino cashier must first install the provider’s app on their smartphone and then top up their account with an external payment method. The opening of the e-account takes place automatically with the upload of the MuchBetter app.

How to make a payment with MuchBetter

Once the requirements for a MuchBetter Casino deposit are met (app download and funds upload), the deposit process at the cashier is easier than ever.

  • Log in to the online casino using your password and nickname (or email address).
  • Switch to the cashier section. Select MuchBetter.
  • Enter the deposit amount and your mobile number.
  • Start the deposit process.
  • You will receive a push message from the app.
  • Confirm the MuchBetter deposit via Face ID or Touch ID or with your password.
  • The deposit amount will be credited to your player account immediately.

Other popular e-wallets

Other PayPal casino alternatives are of course the classic e-wallets. In addition to PayPal, several financial service providers have established themselves in recent years with an identical offers. The functionality of Skrill, EcoPayz, and Neteller does not differ from the PayPal process.

In trend: The direct deposit systems

Direct booking systems can be seen as trendy deposit methods. At this point, they actually have two significant advantages compared to PayPal. First, you do not have to open an e-money account, and second, the financial companies basically do not charge any internal fees.

The companies see themselves more or less as a payment guarantor between them and the online casinos. To use a direct deposit system, you need only one minimal requirement. You must have an online bank account, nothing more nothing less. The transfers are carried out directly by their financial institution. The financial service providers are then the accelerator because of the guarantee at this point, that is – their casino deposits are also credited in real-time.

The market of direct booking offers in this country was shaped by Sofort GmbH. The company from Bavaria has belonged to the Swedish Klarna Group for several years and now operates under the label Klarna Sofort. In the area of the savings banks and people’s banks once with GiroPay an own mark was created, which is supported meanwhile by nearly all banks. The new shooting star of the direct booking systems is Trustly. The Scandinavians are among the most important financial service providers in Europe. Rapid and online payment is also well-known, although payment options tend to be used less by customers in our experience.

The deposit via Klarna & Co

The deposit at the casino cashier via a direct booking channel is also easy. They simply adhere to the following steps:

  • Log in to your gaming provider and call up the cashier menu.
  • Select the preferred direct method.
  • Enter your bank ID (IBAN or BIC number) next to the deposit amount.
  • Start the deposit. You will be redirected to the online banking menu of your bank.
  • Log in to your account. The payment details for the transfer are already displayed on the screen.
  • Make the casino deposit via PIN and TAN.
  • You will be connected directly back to the online casino after the automatic logout from the banking menu. The deposit amount is ready to play.

The PayPal casino bonus: This is important

We have left out one relevant point so far – the PayPal Casino Bonus. No, no – the payment method was not supported by the online casinos in the past separately with a bonus. Nevertheless, it is possible to speak of a PayPal deposit bonus in a figurative sense. The e-wallet has been considered relevant for bonuses in all online casinos according to our experience. So, if you want to secure the welcome offer as a new customer, you have always done very well with PayPal. Why do we emphasize this fact so much? Quite simply, it is by no means a matter, of course, that e-wallet deposits lead to the desired casino bonus. On the contrary, payment methods like Skrill and Neteller are excluded as qualifying transfer methods in the terms and conditions of the gambling companies by the dozen.

The PayPal casino bonuses in practice have of course shown up in the new customer sector from provider to provider in the most diverse facets. Here and there you have received high percentage match bonuses to get to the maximum starting capital with a small personal contribution. Other online casinos have high bonus amounts rather than the professional players in mind. In our experience, multi-part welcome packages are very popular, with which you can secure a casino bonus over three or four deposits.

Important: Regardless of the PayPal bonus deposit method, you should never let the financial attractiveness of a new customer bonus put you off. The cash grant is only one side of the coin, the associated bonus turnover conditions are much more relevant to the quality of the offer.

Conclusion: PayPal still has an importance for online casinos

Although PayPal is currently only available at a small number of verified online casinos, this e-wallet is still of particular importance. Whoever sees in the payment portfolio of their gaming provider that it continues to cooperate with PayPal in other states has at least found a reputable, secure online casino.

The benefits of fast, hassle-free deposits and withdrawals have been enjoyed by players in the past. Currently, in our experience, there are quite a few suitable alternatives to PayPal casinos, of which we prefer MuchBetter and direct booking systems. It is likely that PayPal will return to all online casinos once the new gambling treaty takes effect.

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