Car Accident Compensation Claims That You Must Know About

Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) are the second leading cause of death among people worldwide. According to various reports, accidents kill thousands of people around the globe every day. Roads in and around Southern California record an abnormal number of fatal car crashes. Hence, one must know the claims one can make with the help of car accident attorney Huntington Beach after encountering a car crash.

There are many physical and emotional effects of a dreadful car crash. Some of them can even be long-term. Physical impacts may include property damage, money loss, fractures, cuts, etc. It can also include other injuries in your body. Emotional impacts are mostly a result of physical damage. The mental trauma, distress, pain, etc come under emotional effects. 

Immediate Action Plan To Safety

Your ability to follow the action plan depends on how major the accident is. Here are five important steps that you can immediately take when you meet with an accident:- 

  • Call for 911 after reaching the safe side of the road. Study the place you are in. Be detailed with your location.
  • Seek medical help if needed. Identify signs of bleeding, swelling, immense pain, etc in your body. These would need instant medical attention.
  • File a police case and take note of the report number. Also, exchange insurance information with the other driver if it’s a case of collision.
  • Speak to people at sight who have witnessed the incident. Ask them if they are willing to be a witness to the incident. Note their name and phone number. 
  • Contact a car accident attorney and narrate the whole incident to him. Share your insurance information and other official documents that your attorney needs.

Compensation Claims That You Can Ask For

There is no compensation available for the emotional damage. However, the companies try to reduce your stress by covering the financial aspects of the unforeseen event. Your car accident attorney would claim for the property loss or the damage that has happened to your car. The compensation claim can also cover your current and future medical bills.

The bad news is that California reduces the amount of compensation according to your percentage of fault. If you are proven at fault in your own accident, you are unlikely to get all the claims. A good attorney would be able to protect your rights in these cases.

The Bottom Line

Negotiations involved in such accidents can even take several months. It all depends on the complexity of the situation and the proficiency of your attorney. The process can be simpler if you hire the best attorney with a professional background. A strong witness can also make the case simpler.

A person is likely to be traumatized by such an incident. While the compensation would cover your economic losses, you must try to get over the emotional aspects as well. The faster you recover from it, the faster your life will come back to normal.

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