Cannabinoid Research and CiiTECH: What You Should Know

We can all agree that we want our supplements, such as CBD, to be safe for consumption. CBD has seen a journey to popularity and spread across markets, such as sports health. You want to trust that your CBD has been subject to thorough cannabinoid research, tested for safety, purity, and more. Don’t risk your health with shady products from unreliable companies.

Cannabinoid research is an important and growing topic, and CiiTECH and Online Dispensary is all about it. Keep reading and learn more about it here.

What Is CiiTECH?

CiiTECH is a cannabinoid research and development company. Brands under the umbrella of CiiTECH carry some of the highest quality cannabinoid products on the market today. The UK is embracing this Israel-founded company. CEO Clifton Flack (a UK native) has a 25-year background in marketing consumer goods.

CiiTECH has built many successful brands, including its flagship, Provacan, which has been well-received in the UK. IMPACT SPORTS is one that continues to provide trustworthy, safe, and effective CiTECH CBD products. If you’ve searched “Cannabis research UK,” look no further.

These are not only for the sports-minded individual but for anyone interested in benefitting from their CBD research. CiiTECH works with regulating bodies to stay current on what consumers want while maintaining compliance with UK & EU laws. They aim to stay at the forefront of the worldwide cannabinoid research and development industry.

Outstanding Cannabinoid Research

CiiTECH continues to impress, having access to state-of-the-art lab equipment and research facilities. This is possible through partnerships with universities such as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The company also works with the man who discovered the isolation of CBD, Professor Raphael Mechoulam.

CiiTECH creates expertly formulated, science-backed products that deliver real results for consumers. It’s respected for its global cannabis and cannabinoid research effort. Its 2020 development of a ground-breaking cannabis formula proves this. It’s influential and inspirational for other companies of its kind and is advancing the industry in an impactful way.


Products include the IMPACT Sports Gift Box, IMPACT Pro Soft Gel CBD Capsules, CBD Oil Shampoo, and IMPACT Pro CBD Oil Spray. They offer eLiquid, topicals, edibles, isolates, and more. Bulk pricing is available.

To soothe those sore muscles after training sessions, try their CBD cooling balm or heating balm. CBD shampoo gives consumers a fresh post-workout feel. It also repairs cells, promotes new hair growth, and improves circulation, according to cbdcoded. Besides managing pain, balancing function, and helping with anxiety, who knew CBD could give you a healthy scalp?

CiiTECH is Leading the Way!

The last thing you want when choosing a cannabinoid product is anxiety. Stick with a company you can trust and say goodbye to the guesswork. Focus on what matters most: relief from what’s slowing you down. The products that come out of CiiTECH’s cannabinoid research and development are no doubt the best of the best.

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