Buyer’s Guide for A Cream Electric Kettle In Singapore

Our elegant Cream Kettle combines elegance, color, and functionality to create a must-have for any office or home. The classic Cream body is appealing and offers a splash of color to any kitchen, making it enjoyable to use.

Nonetheless, enjoying the best out of your kettle is not only contributed by color but also other finer aspects that constitute its user-friendly design and experience. Read on to find out more.

Ø Temperature Control

While brewing different varieties of coffee and tea, adjustable temperature kettles may heat water to various temperatures to achieve the best outcomes. It is a useful feature if you prefer to consume more sensitive green and herbal teas, which must be boiled at around 80 degrees, below boiling.

Ø Water-Level Indicator

Most kettles have this fully visible on the outside, but others have it hidden below the handle. If you want to see precisely how much water is in the cream kettle at any one time, use a kettle with a huge viewing window.

Ø Safety

Some kettles’ exterior casings could become quite hot. Brushed stainless steel exteriors frequently achieve higher temperatures than other materials, which is not great if you have little kids around the kitchen. Auto shut-off kettles will immediately switch off once the water starts to boil or the kettle is taken from its stand.

Ø Grip

It is also good to look at the handle’s form and position, as this can alter the balance while filling and pouring. For added grip, some handles contain a soft, rubberized region.

Ø Filters

Anti-scale water filters are usually detachable and washable and reside at the bottom of the spout on most kettles. These gather dissolved salts from the water to keep it from being spilled into your drink, as well as preventing scum from accumulating on the surface, rendering them essential in hard water locations.

Ø Boil Dry Protection

If there is not sufficient water in the cream kettle, it will turn off autonomously. This lowers the chances of it drying out and causing harm. Monitor the water gauge to ensure your kettle hasn’t been overfilled, as this can cause it to boil over and be a safety concern.

Ø Energy Efficiency

Keep a close eye out for kettles that indicate ‘rapid boil,’ ‘one cup,’ or ‘eco-friendly.’ These could heat a cup of water in less than a minute and consume up to 50% less energy than traditional kettles. An auto-shutoff cream kettle assists in avoiding wasting excessive electricity and leaving the kettle to boil dry.

Ø Weight

Every milliliter of water added to your kettle adds a gram to their total weight, making them rather weighty. If hauling is a concern, seek a model that weighs less than a kg when empty.

Ø 360-degree bottom

The majority of kettles available feature a pirouette connector center, implying that you may position the kettle on the bottom to face the orientation that is most suitable for you. This feature is available on nearly all of our kettles. Some bases additionally include a cable storage function on the bottom for folding away any stray cords.

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