Breaking Down the Latest 7m Scorethai Live Boxing Results

Live sports events have always been a great source of entertainment and betting opportunities. Among all the sports events, boxing has always been one of the most engrossing ones. And when it comes to live streaming boxing matches, 7m Scorethai offers an excellent platform. If you are looking for the latest updates on live boxing matches and results worldwide, you must check out the 7m Scorethai live Boxing results (ผลมวย). In this post, we will share the latest 7m Scorethai live boxing results and break down what happened in some of the most exciting matches.

In the latest 7m Scorethai live boxing results, two of the most exciting matches were Davide Cenci vs. Marcelo Caceres and Leo Santa Cruz vs. Gervonta Davis. In the first match, Davide Cenci defeated Marcelo Caceres through unanimous decision. It was a close match, as both the boxers had their moments, but Cenci edged the win with his better stamina and more accurate shots. The judges scored the match 96-94, 98-92, 97-93 in favor of Cenci.

In the second match, Gervonta Davis defeated Leo Santa Cruz through sixth-round knockout. This was a very competitive match until the knockout moment. The first five rounds saw both the boxers exchanging equal blows, but then in the sixth round, Davis landed an uppercut that knocked Santa Cruz out cold. It was a scary moment, but Santa Cruz is now stable and recovering well. Davis has added another victory to his outstanding record of 24-0.

Another exciting match in the 7m Scorethai live boxing results was Jaron Ennis vs. Juan Carlos Abreu. Ennis won the match through a sixth-round technical knockout after a dominant performance. Ennis had landed heavy shots throughout the fight, and Abreu could not handle his speed and power. In the sixth round, Ennis finally landed the right-hand punch that put Abreu down, and the referee stopped the match to save Abreu from any further damage.

The 7m Scorethai live boxing results also showed that for the first time since 2004, a British boxer was undisputed world champion in the cruiserweight division. Lawrence Okolie defeated Krzysztof Glowacki with a decisive sixth-round knockout to win the WBO cruiserweight title and add it to his British and Commonwealth belt. Okolie’s powerful jab forced Glowacki against the ropes with a brutal right-hand punch, putting him down for the count.

The last match we will be talking about from the latest 7m Scorethai live boxing results is Demetrius Andrade vs. Liam Williams. Andrade defended his WBO middleweight title against Williams and won through unanimous decision. Andrade was on top for most of the rounds, landing heavier shots and controlling the pace. The judges scored the match 11-118, 116-111, 118-109 in favor of Andrade.

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s a game of skill and strength, and one that keeps the fans on the edge of their seats. With technology advancements, we can now watch boxing events live on our TV or mobile devices, even if we are miles away from the arena. One of the best sources for watching live boxing matches is 7m Scorethai Live Boxing, a platform that broadcasts live matches globally. Recently, they broadcasted some of the most exciting matches, and today we will break down the latest 7m Scorethai Live Boxing results.

Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders

This match was one of the most anticipated fights of the year, and it lived up to its hype. Canelo Alvarez, one of the top-ranked boxing champions, faced off against the undefeated Billy Joe Saunders. The fight was in full swing before Canelo delivered a powerful right hook in the eighth round, which shattered Saunders’ orbital bone and forced his corner to throw in the towel. This win came as no surprise to boxing enthusiasts, as Canelo’s punches were more accurate, and he landed significant hits on Saunders.

Emanuel Navarrete vs. Christopher Diaz

The Navarrete vs. Diaz match was another thriller that had fans on the edge of their seats. Emanuel Navarrete, also known as “Vaquero,” faced off against Christopher Diaz, a former featherweight title challenger. The match was 12 rounds packed with action, with both fighters delivering some of the hardest hits in their careers. In the end, Navarrete emerged victorious, and he won by unanimous decision.

Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Chris Arreola

Boxing fans have been looking forward to this match for months, and it’s easy to see why. Andy Ruiz Jr, a former heavyweight champion, faced off against Chris Arreola, a seasoned fighter who has been in the game for over 20 years. The match started slow, with both fighters testing the waters, but the pace picked up in the third round. Ruiz’s fast and powerful jabs were too much for Arreola to handle, and Ruiz won by unanimous decision.

Dereck Chisora vs. Joseph Parker

In this intense match, the heavyweight contenders faced off in the ring to prove their worth. Dereck Chisora, known for his powerful punches and solid chin, faced off against Joseph Parker, a former WBO heavyweight champion. The match was brutal, with both fighters delivering knockout hits. In the end, Parker’s superior skill and precision gave him the edge, and he won by unanimous decision.


The 7m Scorethai live boxing results showed some excellent matches and exceptional performances from the winners. The Davide Cenci vs. Marcelo Caceres match was a close one, and Cenci edged the victory through his better stamina and more accurate shots. The Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santa Cruz match was a competitive one until the knockout moment, where Davis landed an uppercut to win. Jaron Ennis dominated Juan Carlos Abreu, and Lawrence Okolie became the undisputed world champion in the cruiserweight division. Demetrius Andrade defended his WBO middleweight title against Liam Williams through unanimous decision. Overall, the latest 7m Scorethai live boxing results were an absolute spectacle for all boxing fans.

The recent 7m Scorethai Live Boxing matches were some of the most exciting fights in recent years. From the Canelo vs. Saunders match to the Chisora vs. Parker match, boxing fans got to witness some of the best fighters in the world go head to head. These events were a reminder of why boxing is such a beloved sport, and we hope to see more thrilling matches like these in the future. So, keep your eyes glued to 7m Scorethai Live Boxing for more action-packed fights in the coming days!

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