Best trx to BTC converter in the USA

The United States has become home to many of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges – Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, and more. The country is distinguished by a developed legislative framework for regulating cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Crypto exchanges of the USA

At first, the regulation of the cryptocurrency market caused outrage among many in the industry. It later became apparent that it also helped American companies to raise institutional capital.

Of course, things are not so smooth in the crypto space of the United States, but in many ways, local players and regulators set the standards for the global market.


Coinbase was founded in 2012 and has been providing digital wallet services for the first two years. The company launched its own exchange in 2014.

As of 2019, Coinbase supports about 20 crypto-to-crypto trading pairs including trx to BTC converter and about 10 crypto-fiat trading pairs, depending on the state. For a long time, it remained the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volumes, not only in the United States but throughout the world.

The advantages of the exchange: 

  1. convenient buying of cryptocurrency for fiat; 
  2. the availability of a platform for professional traders; 
  3. generally good trading. 

Thanks to its intuitive interface, high turnover, and wide popularity, Coinbase has become the # 1 exchange among newcomers to crypto trading for the first time.


  • frequent blocking of accounts without explaining the reasons and the ability to get a response from the support service; 
  • breaches of confidentiality and inaccessibility for residents of Russia and a number of other countries.

The margin trading option could return to Coinbase this year. In 2017, the exchange tried out this type of trading but later abandoned it due to legal uncertainty in the United States.

Regarding regular trading, several types of orders are supported: market, limit, and stop orders.


Gemini is an exchange founded by the Winklevoss brothers, the world’s first cryptocurrency billionaires.

Oriented to the American client, the site strictly adheres to the requirements of regulators in New York and other states. Therefore, there are not many cryptocurrencies here – BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ZEC. Gemini also has its own stable coin Gemini Dollar.

The advantages of the exchange: reliability and availability of custody services for large clients.

Disadvantages: Gemini only works with clients from the United States and several other developed countries.


Founded in 2014, Poloniex has been considered the largest altcoin exchange in the world for a while. At the moment, there are about 60 cryptocurrencies presented here, some are not available for US residents. Trading volumes are declining.

The advantages of the exchange: safety and convenient trading. The exchange is considered a good choice for both beginners and professionals.


  • the periodic shutdown of wallets;
  • freezing of user accounts without explanation.

Poloniex does not support fiat, deposits and withdrawals are made only with cryptocurrency.

Of the additional opportunities, it is worth noting lending, where users can lend to each other certain amounts at a percentage that they set themselves.

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