Best DIY Fragile Furniture Wraps

Moving to a new location is exciting, the entire process would seem like a smooth sail up until you start furniture wrapping and then the whole process quickly winds down from exciting to stressful because one wrong move could lead to you breaking something (especially fragile items) that cost you hundreds of dollars to acquire.

When it gets to that phase where you start wrapping items you’d love to carry with you to your new location, it’s important that you pay extra attention to the fragile items—a fragile item is an item that can be easily damaged or destroyed.

Do you have fragile items in your home? Would you love to safely carry them to your new location? Surely you must have answered yes to both questions. That’s why, here in this guide, you’ll find the best DIY fragile furniture wraps you can use in wrapping your furniture and furniture pieces when relocating.

1. Moving blankets

Are you heading interstate? If you are, then that’s all the more reason why you need to wrap your furniture with heavy-duty moving blankets.

Many people rely on movers to handle the moving process and some, if not most of the movers come with blankets that aren’t charged for to help you in packing your furniture. So why then should you wrap your furniture yourself instead of letting them handle it? It’s simply because you can’t expect the movers to share the same sentimental attachment you have for your valuable furniture pieces. 

There are different types of blankets and they are generally categorized under quilted or non-quilted—each type has different uses. 

Below you’ll find different scenarios and the type of blanket that should be used in each scenario.

  • Thicker blankets are used to wrap leather couches and heavy solid wood furniture.
  • Moving blankets with woven outer fabric are more durable and are best for frequent movers.
  • For interstate or long distance moving where movers may charge by weight, consider using fairly lightweight storage pads. 
  • If you want to prevent your furniture pieces from rubbing against each other then rather than using non-quilted blankets, use felt and burlap instead.

If you are not sure of the type of blanket that’s best suited to safely move and store your furniture, you can ask your moving company to point you in the right direction. 

2. Bubble wrap and plastic sheeting

Bubble wrap and plastic sheeting are the two most used and best tools when it comes to moving furniture. You can use them in place of moving blankets. 

Bubble wraps are used to protect delicate wood pieces while plastic sheets or wraps (specially designed plastic sofa) are used to protect upholstered items. 

3. Corrugated cardboard sheets

Additionally, when packing furniture pieces, it’s good to use corrugated cardboard sheets in between wooden pieces. They are used to provide extra protection and prevent scratches or gouges while the furniture is in/on the truck.

4. Shrink wraps

Shrink wraps on the other hand are widely preferred and used because they help in ensuring that the load on a pallet are placed as one unit. With shrink wraps, you are sure that your smaller valuable and fragile items won’t come apart or go missing. Also, they are best for wrapping furniture with hinged doors or drawers that may swing open.

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