Benefits of Homeownership: Renting VS Buying

Renting a house and owning a house all have their set of advantages. What suits you best depends on your circumstances. To help anyone who is confused between renting a house and buying a house know which can work well for him or her, we will be looking at the benefits that come with each.

Buying a House

Buying a house is an investment that you have to take your time and plan for since it will play an integral part in your future life. Before you make a decision of buying a house, you need to know how much money you are willing to spend and what you currently have.  Ensure you do not spend all your finances on buying a house. The role of a Realtor in Franklin is to help buyers and sellers find the right home. They are also responsible for offering advice on how to improve the home or sell it.

Mortgages will always require some form of down payment. When you put more money as a down payment, you will get better terms. You will also have to pay closing costs. You will also have to update or customize your home when doing renovations. However, maintenance and repairs will be your responsibility. The value of the house can rise or fall over time. There is also the possibility of building equity which will help increase your wealth.

You will be paying for your mortgage every month. The mortgage balance reduces the homes equity increases. Although there is no balance sheet, you will be keeping more money every month.

Renting a House

With renting a house, you will have to pay less upfront. While most of the landlords as for the last or first months’ rent as a down payment,  you will never have time to personalize or update the living space.  The repairs will always cost less. The house owner will be responsible for fixing all things such as leaky faucets.  There are possibilities that rent can increase in the future. One great benefit that comes with renting a house is that relocating will be easier in the future in case you change jobs or want a change in the house size or environment.

Most people consider renting a house to be cheaper than buying a house in a short-term period. On a long-term basis, owning a home will be of greater benefits. With rental houses, there are things you can never do without the consent of the landlord such as painting the house. When you own a house, you will not have to make monthly payments.

The decision of buying or renting a house will come down to what you can comfortably afford and the amount of responsibility you will want. It is never wrong to forego owning a home for the flexibility that comes with having a house on a rental basis. All you have to do is make the right decision considering your finances and your future life.

In case you are in need of reliable and effective help when it comes to homeownership, feel free to contact us at We have experienced and dedicated staff that will always be ready and willing to listen to your issues and recommend the best possible measure you should take.

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