Begin the journey toward addiction recovery with detoxification

Detox and rehab are the steps that an alcoholic must take to stop using drugs and stay healthy in the future. It is not a simple procedure, and the addict must go through numerous phases to become drug-free. Addiction is a problem that does not go away so easily; it might take a few months or years to go. Detox is the process in which the body is cleansed of all the addictive chemicals that are poisoning the body.

For example, suppose you are consuming Vicodin regularly. In that case, nobody, unless you also don’t know how long does vicodin stay in your system , so the detox process will properly clean your body from such addictive substances.

There are different types of detox and rehab programs. It appears as if the addict’s success or failure is dependent on where they go. The only significant factor in selecting the best detox facility is the compassion of the staff members. You will be happier if you feel accepted and taken care of, and detox south Florida provides you the best possible care.

Detoxification for Substance Abuse

Detox which is often referred to as detoxification and it is the initial step in most people’s recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The detox procedure makes the body rid of the addictive compounds, enabling patients to regain mental and physical stability before transferring to an inpatient or outpatient facility. In detoxification, the patient will gradually reduce the dose of the addictive substance. When individuals are addicted to prescription medicines such as opioids, tapering is the most typical treatment option.

This causes the body to experience withdrawal, a painful, unpleasant, and terrifying set of symptoms that includes everything from desires to hallucinations. Withdrawal symptoms, including seizures and heart issues, can be severe in some situations; therefore, medical care is essential. Detox from alcohol and opioids are very difficult. Therefore, medical assistance is often required throughout the withdrawal procedure to maintain the patient’s safety and convenience. A mixture of both medication and therapy is required in the treatment.

Detoxification Types

Although there are numerous variations, there are three basic forms of detoxification.

  • Medical detox

It is not necessary to include medications in the medical detox treatment. It does not depend on the substance the patient is addicted to, or the withdrawal symptoms, or any type of health issues. Medicine refers to the care which is given to the patients. They have to stay in the rehab center for their better treatment, where the experts can closely monitor them. Medical detox is most typically performed in the inpatient environment; however, it is possible for those who are coming for sessions.

  • Inpatient detox

Patients who are undergoing inpatient detox will be hospitalized in a facility where they will be closely monitored. This is widely regarded as the safest method of detoxing from many substances, particularly ones with severe withdrawal symptoms. It is considered to be one of the best to get the chances of success. The best treatment and course rely on the patient’s addiction and the substance they are taking.

  • Outpatient detox

Patients who choose outpatient detox can do it while still living at home. Outpatient appointments are scheduled for a specific time of the day, such as the morning or evening, or any time you prefer. Many studies show that patients who do not reside at the rehab center are most likely to return with their addiction. In order to increase the chances of long-term stability, it is best to go for inpatient detox or inpatient medical detox. Those who are addicted to minor substances can go for outpatient detoxification.

Some points to notice

  • Ensure that the detox is as pain-free as possible. Detoxing from alcohol or drugs can be exceedingly tough; thus, having medical assistance is recommended. Detox can be done to both inpatient and outpatient addicts, but it should be performed in such a way that people are supported to minimize withdrawal symptoms.
  • Pick the best detox and treatment program for you. These two portions are sometimes completed independently at various institutions, while other times, they are completed at the same location. The rehab center you are choosing must be affordable to suit the demands of the person to recover from the addiction.

What Is The Detox Procedure?

The stages of a normal detox procedure are as follows:

  • Early stages

Symptoms are usually modest during the first several hours. However, when the number of medications in the body drops, they lead to severe problems. They normally reach the peak levels within or to two days. Medications are not usually required at this point in time, but they may be prescribed by the doctors. Initial patient assessments are frequently performed at this phase.

  • Peak stages

The first several days of detoxification are the most difficult. It is the time when symptoms are the most intense and are at their climax. Most of the medications have left the body of the addict at this stage, making it unable to function effectively. The symptoms that appear at this time are primarily caused by the body’s attempt to cope up with the absence of the medications. Relapse typically occurs at this point in time for several patients as they struggle to manage the urges. Medication is most commonly used at this point since it helps to considerably reduce withdrawal symptoms. Patients are less prone to relapse when withdrawal symptoms are reduced.

  • Weakening stages

Withdrawal symptoms are likely to reduce when the body adjusts to the lack of drugs. This usually happens within the first few days after the detoxification is started. This is considered to be the most dangerous period of detoxification for several addictions because it is the time when symptoms are set in the body.

Relapse is likely to return at this time because people have already gone through the hardest period. During this period, many addicts notice an improvement in their behavior. The detox system usually lasts for up to fourteen days for several patients, but it is not the same for everybody. The treatment depends on the condition of the patient, so you must see the rehab center before getting admitted.

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