Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Looking For An SEO Expert In Dallas

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most commonly misunderstood forms of digital marketing available today and has a long history of controversy and misconception. As with anything in life, when there is money to be made, there are countless would-be ‘experts’ lining up to take your money.

Make no mistake, SEO is a highly valuable and effective form of marketing – when in the right hands. However, many business owners remain unconvinced as they’ve either been burned in the past by scammers or simply because they were unfortunate enough to invest their time and money into SEO companies who lacked the experience and knowledge to deliver the results they promise.

In this article, we’re going to share the most common pitfalls so you know how to avoid the inequitable and instead find an SEO expert in Dallas you can rely on.

1. Looking for the cheapest deals

The biggest mistake that business owners make when it comes to their digital marketing is trying to find an SEO expert who will deliver world-class results for as little an investment as possible. While saving money in the short-term might seem like a good idea, it’s an effective way to throw your money away on sub-standard results with very little in the way of an ROI.

Instead, shop primarily on reputation. Look for an SEO expert in Dallas with a proven track record, a wealth of positive testimonials from previous and existing clients, and some case studies for you to explore.

That way, if you can clearly see that an SEO expert has delivered satisfactory results time and time again, there’s a very good chance that they will be able to do the same for you.

2. Being charmed by guarantees and/or promises of instant results

Don’t fall prey to the sweet talking salesmen who promise you money back guarantees or instant results. In SEO, nothing is guaranteed. There are far too many variables and anyone who insists that they can deliver X and Y by Z is almost certainly lying.

3. Anyone who offers you ten-thousand links for a ridiculously low price

In fact, there are guarantees in SEO; if someone offers you ten-thousand links for $300, you can guarantee that they are going to be of an exceptionally poor quality.

Remember, quality over quantity. One good backlink is worth far more than thousands of ‘budget’ links.

Know your worth and invest in reputable agencies who can help you build high-quality links using established resources and professional writers.

4. They don’t have any suggestions to improve your onsite SEO

If a prospective SEO expert doesn’t have any suggestions or changes that need to be made to your website, they clearly have no idea what they are doing.

5. They have ‘one-size-fits-all’ packages

While many reputable SEO companies do indeed sell tiered packages (e.g., Gold, Silver, Bronze); if they don’t offer you any personalised solutions (i.e., an in-depth analysis of your current standing, including a detailed plan of action for moving forward), then you should question their capabilities.

It’s OK for SEO experts to offer generic packages to get the conversation going, however, if there is zero personalised strategizing after the initial consultation, then you’ll likely be getting a very generic deal.

Every business requires (and deserves) a highly refined SEO strategy that has been designed from the ground up.


Let’s have a quick recap. If you want to avoid falling into business with the wrong SEO agency, look for the following red flags:

  • Unusually low prices (proper SEO is very resource intensive).
  • Guarantees / instant results (there are no guarantees in SEO; it takes time).
  • Bundles of impossibly cheap links (one solid link is worth more than thousands of poor quality links from unreputable sources).
  • Very little in the way of strategy / onsite optimization (the chances of your website being perfectly well-optimized as it is are slim).
  • One-size-fits-all packages (no two SEO campaigns are the same).

A trusted SEO agency will be fairly–but realistically–priced; they will set realistic expectations and time frames; they can help you develop a diverse link-building strategy; they will come back to you with a solid plan with initial optimizations and long-term strategies; and they will personalise their services to fit your unique business and goals.

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